10 September 2012

Smokin Hawt

Its  me again!
Not much to say but I really wanted to show off this look. Its a little different than my usual Sexy/Cuteness but I was into it once it started coming together. The Monotone colors with pops of cherry red....LOVE IT. I'd never claim to be a style expert and honestly I don't even know what type of style this is but DIGGIN IT HARDCORE. Wanna know more? Keep on reading if you just wanna graze through the credits are down below.

First off...I myself am not a smoker but I thought it looked good for this set of pictures. If you're a smoker hey you are an adult and you do what you want if you're not an adult well *smack* PUT IT DOWN!

So this outfit started out as a dress that I fell in love with. I got it a few days ago BUT silly me I lost it in my inventory but then I founds it. Its by Crash Republic and its called Highlow Dress. I am wearing the striped one but there are other versions available as well. I later got a notice about this awesome hair at Lelutka and I grabbed it up as s...
...Okay before I get to that. While I was AT lelutka I met the RUDEST designer I have ever met. I'm usually not a mad mouthing blogger its not my style but I find it so rude for you to stand in a store, with this person's regular customers and bad mouth thier new release MIND YOU this complaining designer had some wack releases herself. So....I promised myself I will NOT shop at this rude person's store...EVER. No reviews no nothing.....back to good things....

So this Lelutka hair is called Blake. I got it in the Naturals Pack. Its complete mesh and its so long and prettyyyy. I don't go to Lelutka much but...I think I might at it to my checklist of places to shop my lindens away in.

And now my dears...its dinner time but wanted to leave you with more fashion desserts. See you VERY soon I have much more I can't want to blog about

Love Always
Smokin Hawt Outfit
Skin: Modish - Kastaspell in Strawberry
Shape: My Own Shape
Eyes: Chus - Taiyo in Flaw
Hair: Lelutka - Blake in Bournville
Blush: Dead Apples - Anime Blusher
Nails: Jamman Jewels & Accessories - ULTIMATE Nails (Finally Released!)
Dress: Crash Republic - Highlow Dress in Striped
Stockings: Erratic - Fishnets Wide in Black
Shoes: Enelya's Creations - Army boots
Necklace: Je Suis - Tente Necklace in Fire
Bracelet: Je Suis - Asymetrique Bangles
Belt: Gawk - Leather Waist Belt in Black
Ring: Je Suis - Tente Ring in Fire
Glasses: Izzies - Oversized Sunglasses
Cig: Nikotin

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