10 September 2012

My Perfect Residency | Cynful Bunny

Fashion Heads! I'm Back!
Did you miss me? Great! So I was exploring SL a little bit last night and I ran into a place called Park Circle. I THINK its a residency but I'm not sure so if you go tread lightly it started me thinking what type of place I want to live in when I'm older (Yeah because 23 isn't old enough?!) You wanna hear about my dream location? Keep on reading if not that's fine too the credits will still knock your socks off.

Ohai! So...My dream home wouldn't be a house actually I don't know maybe one of those uniformed homes that's an arms reach from another but nothing with wide open spaces. I'd much rather live in a nice close community with pool parties and a park in the middle. I guess I want somewhat of a desperate housewives type town you know....without the killing and desperation junk LOL. I have always dreamed of being that neighbor to welcome you to the town with a plate of cookies....but in 2012 would anyone even take them? Well a girl can always dream.
On the SL side of things. This outfit makes me SPARKLE. I'm loving this new dress by Cynful it even has appliers yay! This dress is called my T-Dress and I have it on in white (The I ♡ Fashion version) but there are other colors available in the main store as well. 

I know I am wearing this Alice Project hair again which brings me to more great news....SALE AT ALICE PROJECT. I don't believe the HUDs are on sale but the hair is for only 125L each so rack up AND find the special edition HUD that's part of the Summer Harvest Hunt if you want some wacky colors.
And well that's all for now Ladies & Gents. I think I might actually see about living at this Park Circle place. You can't keep the fluffy tailed bunny girl away forevers! I has mad stalking skills I'll be here ALL night hehe

Love Always 

Cynful Bunny Outfit
Skin: CandyDoll - Patricia in Natural
Shape: My Own Shape
Eyes: Chus - Taiyo Eyes One in Flaw and one in Set Sale!
Hair: Alice Project - Namie 50% off Sale!
Lipstick: Glamorize - Delicious Shine in Pink Gloss
Blush: Dead Apples - Anime Blusher
Eye Makeup: Chelle - Dusty in Soft Pink
Teeth: Modish - Teeth 3
Nails: Jamman Jewels & Accessories Deluxe Fingernails in Silver
Dress: Cynful - T Dress in White Lace w/ Lola Aplliers @ I <3 Fashion
Shoes: Ten10 - Katya Boots in White
Bracelet: Pepper - Colorful Mamba
Belt: Pepper - Pieces Belt
Ring (Right): Ey:No - Dressed Stone Ring in Cream
Ring (Left): Bens Beauty - Orient Ring
Bunny Ears: Chelle - V1 Bunny Ears in Soft Pink
Tail: Lemon Tea - Fluffy Tail in White
1 2, & 3: Pose Maniacs
4: Adorkable Poses

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