11 September 2012

The Essences of Returned Karma

Hey sexy peoples

Today sadly has to be a quick one so I will catch you up on my personal life tommorow hehe. I am in EXTREME pain today back pain plus a migraine that won't let up BUT I really wanted you guys to see this outfit and if you pick it up today its only 25L out of your pocket. Wanna know where? It's at...

That place is addicting hehe. This week for 25L Tuesday they are offering this amazing outfit called Sniffles! I got it in black but there are many others to choose from as well as the hood from the outfit a showed two weeks ago. The ears I have on are also from Returned Karma but not 25L any longer. Sorry folks

Also If you are on a budget but want a new skin take a stop into Essences and take your chance at the Gatcha machine the sexy Miss Inka put out for all of us. Its a new skin called Cynthia and each try is only 150L....you WILL leave with a skin that's amazing no matter which one you win hehe.

I picked up this hair from the Alice Project Sale...Loving it with the Special Edition Summer Harvest Hunt color HUD. Its free if you just find the acorn somewhere in the store! The hint is "All of the colors!" Good luck!

And now my dears...time for a nice long bath and a night of rest. No credits on the bottom but everything was pretty much mentioned have a question just IM me and I will get back to you. 

Love Always

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