17 October 2013

Candy Coated Skins | Candy Fair Skins

Hey loves! It's almost the end of the Candy Fair and I am holding back my tears but I want you all to get as much as you can before it ends so my loves here is a collection of the skins I have from the Candy Fair! Hope you like it! Keep on reading to see all the goodies!

Candy Princess By Essences
Shown in: Lumiere
From Left to Right: Pink, Green, Blue, White
Makeups Available

Dani By Modish
All Colors Available 
Makeup Available

Judith By JesyDreams
 Makeup Available

Mia By Birdy
Shown in: Pure Tone
From Left to Right: Blueberry, Bubblegum. Grape. Lemon, Melon, Mint, Strawberry
Makeups Available

Runa By The Skinnery
Shown in: Toffee Tone
From Left to Right: Lime MeringueMarshmallow, Cotton Candy

Alli By YumYums Candy Fair Special Edition
Shown in: Tone 1
From Left to Right: Cotton Candy, Orangesicle, Grape

Bree By Panda Punx
Shown in: Sugar Tone
From Left to Right: Frosting, Gumdrop, Lolly Kisses

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