02 February 2014

Skinliness: Celeste By Morphine

Hey Loves! 

I promised you all my weekends would be for skin reviews and I TRY to keep my word to you guys because I love you soooo!
This weekend I want to show a new release from Morphine that can be found at the Hipster Fair. Keep on reading to see more that is available in this pack! Mwahs & Happy skin shopping!
Left to right: Peach, Light, Tan
As some of you know I have shown off some skins from a place called Mirror's Enigma well...she has rebranded and it is now called Morphine and the skins are just as good if not BETTER than they have been in the past. This release is called Celeste (That reminds me....I should watch the Originals) I love the tones available but the one I like the most is "Light". 
Left to right: Blush, Natural, Nude, Pop, Shadow, Smokey
 The makeup choices for this skin are amazing as well...I wouldn't call them hipster choices at all they are very sweet and soft even the nice red lips have an innocence to them that I really love not to mention you can wear the lipsticks on thier own...I LOVE lipsticks sooooo much!

Be sure to give this a look at the Hipster Fair from Morphine! See you guys on Monday! 

Love Always 

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