09 March 2014

Skinliness: Belle By FreshFace

Hey Loves!
Today I have an amazing skin to show you from Freshface! It's a new release and she goes by the name of Belle! Do you like it so far? Keep on reading for more details my dears cause there is SO much amazeballs with these.

Not only is this skin so gorg but they have recently been revamped to the fullest. Lot's more body detail and my must forevery skin I wear...appliers. Slink, Lolas/Lush, and Azz are all available to be worn with skin. Even better you ask? I think the appliers are STUNNING the hands and feet look SO smooth and the butt has these super adorable dimples on them that I wish more skins would have since I didn't know how much I'd love them >.>
Another thing I've always adored about this place was the fact that they offer something for almost anyone they range from a nice lightly tanned skin to a nice roasty dark tone so the chocolatey of women in SL can even have a cute, youthful looking skin to prance around in.
If you are looking for a skin be sure to demo this one and see what you think okay?! See you all on the flip side! Mwahs & Happy Shopping

Love Always
  • Appliers: Slink, Luck Inc, Lolas, Lush
  • Cleavage Options: Cleavage, No Cleavage. Smaller Breasts (Both have no eyebrow versions)
  • Makeups??:  No Makeups Included but work with a lot of the ones I already own in my inventory


  1. Hi Lili! I love the skin there...but didn't buy because there were no appliers. I will be stopping in there today ..yay!

  2. Oh nooo there are appliers all of them too for this skin that's why I wanted to show it off so bad! They have the Azz appliers, the boob appliers and Slink appliers!