24 March 2014

Confessions Of A Gacha Queen

Hey Loves!

Sorry about the long time away I was REALLY not planning this one the 64bit of Firestorm is no friend of mine so I eventually just had to switch to the 32 bit I tried all the tips people gave me and nothing was working soooooo here I am again! 
So...I'm sure most of you have noticed that I am a bit....Gacha crazy BUT NOT AN ADDICT! I CAN STOP ANYTIME I W-...yeah right.I love gachas because they are very inexpensive and get me to use colors I may not normally use without the extra little push of encouragement not only that I love the social aspect of it...if you get duplicates you can make friends while trading and selling! I have a pile (LITERALLY) of things to show you today so keep on reading for the goodness okay? LOTS of credits at the bottom. 

I wanna start with this AMAZING hair I have on from Truth! It's been a couple releases since I just HAD to have the hair at Truth and this one was worth waiting for. I actually have a little bit of BOTH new releases the base hair is called Harriet and then the cute little bun pieces are from the Maisy hairstyle and I really loved the look of them together so I just did a hair collab of sorts! You can demo & purchase both of these at the main store so hurry down and pick them up for yourself

 I wanted a nice fun casual look for today and I HAD to have this cute Micky shirt called @#$%&ki #2 by Amitomo and I paired it with these cute denim jeans by Forever Young called Shorties WHICH may I add come with azz appliers and system layers. Also these shorts are HUD controlled so you get tons of colors to choose from with ONE purchase! You can get this Crewneck Sweater from this round of Kustom9 and the shorts can be purchased from Bodify.

Doesn't my face look GLORIOUS today? I'm in lust with my face right now. The lipstick that I have on today is FREE from the Actuality Hunt going on and I love EVERY color I got but this one was just the bees of the knees. I also have this cute heart tattoo called Sweet Tiny Hearts from Witches & Rats that is.a.must.have. The eyes I have on are from Chop Shop called Real Eyes which have been my go to eyes since the release...if you are LOOKING for a nice large pupil that's realistically textured...Asylum has answered your prayers :D

My accessories? Well I have on many goodies today and because of the size of this post ALREADY I am going to just credit them not because I don't care but JUST SO MUCH! Keep on reading to find out whats in this pile too okay? See you all VERY soon (most likely not tonight because my posting are a little extensive right now) Mwahs & Happy Shopping 

Love Always

Gacha Pile Credits
Broken Gacha Machine: Nantra - Gimmie my S**t Rare #9 RARE Prop New @ Luck Of Irish
Common Bags: Nantra - Gimmie my S**t Rare Prop New @ Luck Of Irish
Purses: Bubble - Clutches in Starry, Purple Star, & Ice Cream New @ Luck Of Irish
Boots: Geek - Puddle Hoppers in Orange Kitty, Green, and Purple New @ Luck Of Irish
Masks: WickedNight - Ugly Mo'Fo Masks New @ Luck Of Irish
Vapor Cigs: XO - Vape Cigs New @ Luck Of Irish
Cup: EnvyMe - Luck Beverage in Pink New @ Luck Of Irish
Hat: M&M Incorporated - Peace Snapback New @ Luck Of Irish
Sex Toys: Midnight Lotus - Magic Wand & G Marks the Spot New @ Luck Of Irish
Rings: Gala Fashion Design - My Knuckle Rings New @ Luck Of Irish
Bows 1: Zombie Suicide - Tentacle Bows New @ Luck Of Irish
Bow 2: Static  - Muerte Bow in Blue New @ Luck Of Irish
Leprechaun: Kaerri - ButterFlies LepraKaun New @ Luck Of Irish
 Plushie: Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - Nyanmon Army in Midori New @ Luck Of Irish
Bag: B-Dazzled - i GACHA tote #6 Common New @ Luck Of Irish
Bike: XO - Bike in Rainbow New @ Luck Of Irish
Crowns: M&M Incorporated - Irish Crowns New @ Luck Of Irish
Toasts: Fujiwara's World - BreakTime New @ Luck Of Irish

Outfit Credits
♥ BODY ♥
♡ Skin: The Sugar Garden - Baby 2.0 in E Tone.
♡ Shape: My Own Shape
♡ Eyes: Chop Shop - Real Eyes in Strawberry New Release
♡ Hair: Truth - Harriet w/ Maisy Buns New Release
♡ Hands: Slink - Enhanced Mesh Hands in Elegant
♡ Booty: Luck Inc - Cute Azz
♡ Lashes: Candy Mountain - Moody Falsies
♡ Lipstick: MR - Frutty Lip in #1 Found @ Actuality Hunt
♡ Lipgloss: Izzies - Glossy Lip Highlights
♡ Nail Polish: ZoZ - Solid Stripe in Ruby New @ Luck Of Irish
♡ Blush: Dead Apples - Anime Blusher
♡ Face Tattoo: Witches & Rats - Sweet Tiny Hearts 02 New Release
♡ Face Piercing: Soedara - Cihuapilli Simple Gold Dimples
♡ Sweater: Amitomo - Crewneck Sweater in @#$%&ki #2 New @ Kustom9
♡ Shorts: Forever Young - Shorties in Blue New @ Bodify
♡ Socks: Witches & Rats - Dripping Socks in Black & Red (Azz Appliers Included)
♡ Shoes:  Geek - Puddle Hoppers in Red Common New @ Luck Of Irish
♡ Glasses: Yummy - Leigh Frames in Black New @ Collabor88
♡ Ring: Witches & Rats - Petit Coeur Ring in Black + Red New Release
♡ Earrings: KRC - Gem Earrings in  Ruby New @ Luck Of Irish
♡ Crown: HolliPocket - Princess Holli Band in Cherry Solid New @ Luck Of Irish
♡ Bows: Laviere - Candy Bow in Red
♡ Collar: Geek - Capped Collar in Red New Release
♡ Tail: Medusa Neko - Devil Tail
♡ Wings: UtopiaH - The Other Wings in Ruby New @ Luck Of Irish
♡ Ears: Trap - Gelf Ears Low

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