03 March 2014

Arcade Stroll

Hey My Loves!

I'm back home and I feel so much better after visiting my Cho! She is so much sweeter and nicer in person (though I didn't think it was possible) and she helped me out so much while I was there. I've come home with a clear head and ready to take over the world...again. 
I decided to do a cute and somewhat casual outfit perfect for a nice stroll home after a date perhaps? Plus I wanted the added cute factor so went with an anime girl look today! I hope you like it cause I sure do! Keep on reading for the details!

I wanna start off with this STUNNING dress that I found while doing the RMK Bunny Hunt which is a hunt loosely based off of Alice & Wonderland and MotiAme made a special Queen of Hearts color of the Dress & Jacket outfit they offer. I love the elegance of the dress and then the casual jacket on it...it reminds me a bit of my personality hehehe I honestly don't know how long the hunt goes on or how to really explain it but here is a page for you to find out more info okay? <More Info>
As most of you all know THE ARCADE RECENTLY OPENED and I just went...berserk there (willingly of course) and bought so much stuff. My hair, bag,  & potato buddy are from there. I instantly gravitated from this hair from Fashionably Dead called Queen of Hearts! I loved the style and I've always liked the creator and I got this very nice brown tone. I got this cute watch bag from Pesca and it's called Watch Bag if you want to look for it quickly. My Potato Friend is another cutetastic release from MishMish called A Baby plant. I luckily got a couple holdable ones but there are also some for decoration. All of these machines are 100L or less! The Arcade is a bit busy but be patient you will get in and until you do you can tinker around the many yardsales available for you.

*clicks her heels together and giggles* Super cute shoes right? Well these are one of the newest release from Violent Seduction for the Whore Couture Fair called Skeleton Heels. I was really into the heel a lot  I love that it doesn't take away the softness but instead adds just a TOUCH of edginess to any glitter princess' life. I went with the red version of these shoes but there are other colors available too so give them a check out okay?
I have on a couple new releases from Geek but uh...I modified them both for my own Lili ways. *hits the dangly pokeballs on her glasses* This can be found at Whore Couture and it's called Catch Me Beads and thier original attachment point was...well...somewhere else entirely BUT they are very versatile soooo I still got to show them off! The poor broken controller on my head was originally a mouthy but yay for modifiables again! This is called A Geek's Tragedy (So True) and can be found in tons of colors at this round's "Tragedy" Themed One Word Event
 So I hope I left you all with tons of shopping to do because let's be honest...shopping is fun! See you all soon with lot's more goodies! Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

Love Always

♥ BODY ♥
♡ Head ♡
Utilizator – M3 Anime Head
♡ Shape ♡
♡ Hair ♡
Fashionably Dead – Little Queen in Brunette 2 New @ The Arcade March 2014
♡ Hands ♡
Slink – Enhanced Mesh Hands in Elegant
♡ Feet ♡
Slink – Enhanced  Feet High Version
♡ Booty ♡
Luck  Inc – Cute Azz
♡ Dress & Jacket ♡
MotiAme – Jacket & Dress in Queen of Hearts New @ RMK Sim
♡ Socks ♡
Buttery Toast – Ribbon Socks in Red New Release
♡ Shoes ♡
Violent Seduction – Skeleton Shoes in Red New @ Whore Couture Fair
♡ Bag ♡
Pesca – Watch Bag in Key New @ The Arcade March 2014
♡ Glasses ♡
Witches & Rats – Cute Kitty Glasses in White/Red
♡ Necklace ♡
Plastik – Krysis Cord in Star Seeker
♡ Ring ♡
Pekka – My Little Bow Ring in Dust
♡ Plushies ♡
MishMish – A Baby Plant in Potato New @ The Arcade March 2014
♡ Wings on Ankles ♡
The Sugar Garden - Cupid’s Wings in Dark Red
♡ Garter ♡
Violent Seduction – Vinyl Star Garter in Red/Silver Gacha Prize
♡ Bubblegum ♡
Pink Fuel – Yum Bubblegum
♡ Kitty Ears ♡
Petit Chaperon Rouge – Animal Ears in Monotone New @ Luck of The Irish
♡ Pokeballs on Glasses ♡
Geek – Catch Me Beads in Classic New @ Whore Couture Fair
♡ Broken Controller ♡
Geek – A Geek’s Tragedy in Classic New @ One Word
♡ Tail ♡
E v o – Cute Demon Tail in Hexed Black RARE Gacha Prize
♡ Ears ♡
Mandala – Fantasy Elf Ears

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