02 September 2014

Blogging Is NOT a contest

Hey Loves!

So a person randomly let me know I'm not better graphics wise then another blogger and I guess my reply to this is "SO THE EFF WHAT?" "WHEN DID I NEED A PHD IN GRAPHICS & PHOTOSHOPPING TO BLOG?" The answer is I DON'T I don't blog to be "the best" (okay well sometimes I want to) and I don't blog to make others happy it makes ME happy and inside of MY happiness I hope to make you all happy as well. My blog is my heart, not my artistic talent or lack of talent. Nuff Said
Raw Shotness! (okay fine I cropped)
Though I don't know much about photo taking and editing in photoshop, here are three easy ways to add some...pop? to your picture even with a not so great graphics card and little to no experience with photoshop

Method 1
Outfit To Be Blogged Soon
For this method all I really did was play with layers mostly the Solid Color, Gradient, Curves, & Photo Filter with a little help with overlay then just play with buttons and colors to be happy

Method 2

Seriously though keep a look out for the OOTD for this look
This is one of the easier! If you go up to edit just click the Auto Tone, Auto Contrast, & Auto Color Buttons and voila instant picture change. I'm not a fan of this method but it works and hey you can always see what they suggest and if you don't like it go back and try other stuff right?

Method 3
So um....you still waiting? It's coming soon I promise
Well this method I like to call childs play. All you do for this is take a round brush and turn on the scatter and turn up spacing then just take random colors ON ANOTHER LAYER and make little circles all over the place then you Gaussian blur it up and and I mean REALLLY blur that ish & BAM Poppy Pictures!

These aren't the BEST methods but if you are new to blogging or photoshopping or...just random pictures with friends this might help you right? I hope you find one of these easy peasy methods to work for you Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

Love Al-


Love Always



  1. I am no photoshop expert either. But, I do know a lot about reading SL Blogs. I recently found yours and one of the things I liked the best about your photos, was the judicious use of editing. I think you have just enough effects/edits/Gaussian "blurishness" etc, that your pictures catch my eye. But, not so much that when I go to check out an item you blogged, it looks nothing like the picture on the blog (which happens A LOT with some blogs). Blogs are not a photo contest. If people want to pick best picture, they can go to Flikr. There are tons of best picture/photoshop contests on there lol. I like your style, your pictures AND your blog. Just wanted to throw that out there.

    1. Thank you so much for responding and I'm happy that you love my pictures and I hope you will keep on reading my wierd but sadly true stories and seeing what I pile on my SL body on the regular it's the amazing lovelies like you that keep me coming back to share the goodies. My fashion heads have my heartu <3

  2. I agree with the importance of the items looking as they do within SL. I don't consider my blog to be about false advertising so why should I spend hours in photoshop making something look really different from how it does in world.
    I do admire those with Photoshop skills who can create artworks with their photos but these photos are not what I want for my blog . My purpose is to share my love of SL shopping, hunting and exploring.. if I have to spend hours beautifying my photos that's less hours to do all of the above.
    Perhaps I am a bit biased because I have not spent the time to perfect those photo shopping skills, but I agree that the best place for highly altered photos is flicker. Anyway I just wanted to say keep up with the great blogging, your look is super cute and one I admire but couldn't pull off.
    For some reason I couldn't use my wordpress account to comment this, but I will still put my name to it , Serenity Couerblanc :)

  3. I so enjoy your blog..its Uber Cute..and Im constantly coming here to stalk it. Screw the Jealous Ass Hats..and keep on bloggin! :P

  4. Sorry..second post? Grr.. Blogspot..tho your blog is fabulous..posting is a pain in the ASS! ..Im always coming here to stalk your super UBER CUTE blog...Screw the Jealous Ass Hats!
    Tis me.. Carmilla Mirabeau..damn blogspot..thingie..grrr