03 September 2014

Skin Goodness | Yoni By Angelica

Hey Loves!
Today I bring you a new skin release that I am really into so keep on reading for more information on this pretty face okay?!

The skin that I have for you all today is a skin by Angelica and it's called Yoni! Not only do I love that name but I love the face of this skin as well. 
The body texture is nice and soft so it's perfect for a soft cutie or a slender cutie. There are currently no azz or boobies appliers for this skin so if you have mesh curves you'll have to do some tinting but trust me it's worth it and because I'm SO nice I will even tint and then update this post with some rbg values okay? As far as hands and feet though you are set with an all in one HUD. 

This skin comes in 4 skin tones: Cream, Peach, Milk Tea, & Latte. I am personally a fan of the latte but I do find the beauty in each of the tones. 
This release also has lipgloss choices and for each skintone there is a perfected version of the lipgloss for it. There are 5 colors: Beige, Nudey P, Orange, Pink, and Sakura (LOVE SAKURAS!)

If you like what you see definately give this place a nice gander okay? Here is the

See you guys tommorow! Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

Love Always 

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