12 September 2014

Like The Wild Ones

My sweet dear ones I am back once more! *does some magical things with her finger sparkles* okay well...nothing actually happened but give me some time and I SWEAR I will get my magic working hehe
I had a blast with pictures today! I originally took 4 but 2 of them were unsalvageable but that's okay the ones I DID save I'm very pleased with! To be quite honest I didn't have an "inspiration" for this look I just happened to fall in love with several of the pieces and then I was all "TRAVEL TIME" and I ended up in this amazing place of wonder and delight called Happy Mood. Enough about my traveling adventures for now (something in my heartu wants to take pics of this glorious place though) Keep on reading for details galore!

To start off I'm sure you've noticed that I'm back all kemono like for the day right? I looooove this mod from Kawaii Kloset if you get the chance and have a kemono and not sure what to do this is a place to give a glance into. The one I have on is called Pretty Lil Hybrid and I believe it was 175 but I can double check. It's fairly easy to use as well you can just attach it to you after you have all your parts on, click it, load all. and go do cute things :D You can buy special hairstyles to go with the kemono but I mean with a bit of modding you can get any hair to work including this perfection from LCKY called Kitten and it's a cute new release just begging to be worn ASAP and you know...when new things talk to me I listen.
I have an abundance of Half Deer on today because the arcade happened. I went crazy on the machine so I am just going to list them in the credits and just simply say I have a love for Half Deer that should be illegal. Luckily on the first play I got a rare but that wasn't good enough I NEED THEM ALL IN MY LIFE. I have on some of the Fairy Tale set and I feel like every piece to this set needs a home in my inventory...nuff said! If you want to know what a specific item is called just take a gander at the credits!

*Does a twirl in her dress* You would think I'd get my fill of frilly dresses but NOPE I just can't and you can blame Runa for giving into my addiction! This is a brand new release from Pantsu Hunter and it's called the Akina Dress and I have it on in Violet but it's available in other colors.You can pick this up from the main store. She has mentioned possibly making Kemono mods but I couldn't wait so I just...winged it :D

Enough with my rimbly-ramblies it's time for you to take your tush to all these amazing places and shop until you can't shop no moar! =^.^= Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

Love Always & Forever
♥ BODY ♥
Hair: LCKY – Kitten New Release
Body & Head:  Utilizator - Kemono
Mod Used: Kawaii Kloset – Pretty Lil Hybrid Mod
Dress: Pantsu Hunter – Akina Dress in Violet New Release
Glasses: Bubble – Star Glasses in Pink Found @ Thrift Shop
Necklace: Half Deer – Forest’s Tale Heart Key Necklace in Latte New @ The Arcade Sept 2014
Bracelet: Half Deer – Forest’s Tale Petals & Pearls Bracelet in Latte New @ The Arcade Sept 2014
Ring: Yummy – Cutie Crown Ring in Pink New @ The Arcade Sept 2014
Crown: Unborn Soul – Crown in Lylic Found @ Thrift Shop
Butterfly: Half Deer – Forest’s Tale Sweet Butterfly New @ The Arcade Sept 2014
Lantern: Half Deer – Forest’s Tale Wishing Lantern New @ The Arcade Sept 2014
Flower Headband: Half Deer – Forest’s Tale Flower Crown New @ The Arcade Sept 2014
Knife & Legband: Dirty Stories – Dangerous Girl Clean Version Found @ Thrift Shop
Tail: Yumyums – Frisky Succubus Tail in Ebony
Wings: Dirty Stories: Lost Angel Wings in Black Found @ Thrift Shop
Ears: Half Deer – Forest’s Tale Bunny Ears in Chestnut New @ The Arcade Sept 2014

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