24 January 2015

Do You Sea What I Sea?

Hey Loves!
I'm SO over the winter weather right now. It's so sad because during the summer I'm like BLARGH THE HEAT SUCKS and during winter I'm like BLARGH WHY DO I HAVE TO COVER UP SO MUCH SKIN but because SL loves me it can be any season I want it to be. Today I wanted a fun beach expedition full of shells, octopuspus, and starfishies and that's exactly what I got. I am yet again at sunset beach (it's my favorite beach no judge) and wearing some very cute things newly released to the grid :D Keep on reading for more info.

I love the items at this round's Fantasy Collective and I have on this super cute mermaid bikini from Cila called the Ariel Bra & Thong that as you can see *does a spin* is absolutely beautiful. It's unrigged which to me makes it even better since I was able to mod it onto my Kemono body with the booty and boobs addons that you can find on the marketplace. This set comes with 4 colors but I went with the red one called Fire for my look today. While you are there you can also grab these starfish eyepatches from Cubic Cherry Kre-ations called Undine Eyepatches but I got a bit creative with them and used them as other accessories which is another reason to buy them since they have multiple uses :D
I also ran back to Oh My Gacha to get one of the CUTEST octopuspus on the grid which is a collab project between Moon Amore & Dear Deer which are two stores I absolutely ADORE and seriously if you've never heard of them this release should have you convinced of how amazing they both are right? This little cutie is called Octopulpo and with the HUD you can make the eye color change of your new squishy buddy.  

Back to playing in the water and feeling fabulous yes? YES! If you haven't yet check out these events and also check out Sunset Beach! See you guys soon <3 Mwahs & Happy Shopping

Love Always

♥ BODY ♥
Skin Applier: POMF - Little Hime Skin in Sweet Tan
♡ Shape: My Own Shape
♡ Eye Applier: Candy Cutie - Magical Girl in Blue & Pink
Hair: Exile - Windsong in Naturals ☆ New @ Collabor88
Body: Utilizator - Kemono Body
Head: Utilizator - M3 Anime Head
Nails: Ni.Ju - Kemono Nails in Solids
Outfit: Cila - Ariel in Fire ☆  New @ The Fantasy Collective
Shoes: Forever Young - Fuzzy Flips in White RARE ☆New @ Oh My Gacha
Glasses: Nani Soulstar - Reef Glasses ☆ Old Gift
Necklace: Olive - The Catch My Starfish Necklace RARE Version ☆ Gacha Prize
Bracelet: Olive - The Catch My Starfish Bracelet RARE Version ☆  Gacha Prize
Ring: Pr!tty - Large Heart Ring SUPER RARE ☆  New @ The Gacha Mania
Octopuspus: Moon Amore/Dear Deer Collab - Octopulpo in Grass ☆ New @ Oh My Gacha
♡ Bucket: Demise Of Flight - She Sells Seashells Bucket
Starfishies: Cubic Cherry Kre-Ations - Undine Eyepatch in Coral (Modded) ☆ New @ The Fantasy Collective
♡ Dinglehopper: What Next - Dinner Fork
♥ POSE ♥
♡ Demise Of Flight - She Sells Seashells #1

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