13 August 2014

A Moment Like This | New Release From TSG

Hey Loves!
You know that Moment on American Idol when Kelly Clarkson won against Justin G and the whole world cried happy tears with/for her when she was singing "A Moment Like this" happily looking out to her fans and feeling the emotions of all her adoring followers? Well lets compare this moment to that one shall we? I am an adoring fan and Elfie is Kelly Clarkson....

The Sugar Garden has released this amazing Mesh Head! Fully Original and comes with a ton of options
  • 7 of the TSG Tones you love and adore so much (Sold Separately More Tones to Come)
  • 14 Facial Expressions
  • 15 Makeup Options
  • 36 Brow/Base Options

Just a quick night post because this was exciting news and I had to share it! Now we can both have a more peaceful night! Mwahs & Happy SLEEPING!

Love Always 

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