12 August 2014

Let Your Dreams Soar

Hey Dears!

Everyone has dreams right? We all have ambitions and we all have desires for our lives but so many of us feel alone in the fight to get to what we want. 
Today I take the role of the Dreamer's Princess. I have a friend who says to make a dream a reality you have to put it into the air. As a Dreamer's Princess it is my honor and duty to place your dreams into this universe and help you succeed. All I really want in life is to see the people that I love and care about become everything they could possibly ever become and to know I had a part in helping would mean everything to me. I have tons of goodies on today and I want to show them all off to you. Keep on reading for more infos!
I adore the dress I have on much like any other dress I have on from Pantsu Hunter. Every release from this place makes me feel all pretty and dainty and cute. This dress can be purchased from the Main Store and it's called the Cotton Candy Dress! It's a full mesh dress and it is easily used with the cute azz AND both the Kemono & The Avatar 2.0 body.  I have on the blue version but there is also white, rose, and violet and they are only 150L each so run down and grab one (or all) for yourself.
I have recently become a HUGE fan of Ayashi I first discovered it a couple months back during the RMK hunt. Today I have on Taura in this pretty pastel  color and because I want to try and include more freebies/cheapies into my life I thought I should tell you guys about the limited edition color that you can pick from the Cupcakes Anonymous Hunt (It's an amazing pastel pink color). 

I have on a TON of Buttery Toast goodies today! My Crowns, Collars & Cuffs are just some of the goodies you can grab up. The Princess hat I have on you can get from Fit For A Princess called Rigantona and I put a crown on the base ALSO from Buttery Toast called the Rule of Cute. I have on all of the Rule of Cute Accessories because let's be honest...they are awesome. The Cuffs & Collar can be picked up from The Black Dot Project but the crown can be found at the mainstore!

*Spreads the dreams around the world happily and winks at you all* Hopefully you have found many reasons to shop and have a nice day hehe. Mwahs & Happy Shopping 

Love Always

♥ BODY ♥
♡ Hair: Ayashi - Taura Hair New Release
♡ Dress: Pantsu Hunter - Cotton Candy Dress in Blue New Release
♡ Shoes: Perch - Lamby Sneaks in Lavender
♡ Glasses: Sweet Thing - Heart Frames in Lenseless
♡ Necklace: Izzies - Letter Heart Necklace
♡ Bracelet: Half Deer - Baby Cornsnake Arm Coil in Violetheart
♡ Crown: Buttery Toast - The Rule of Cute Crown in Blue New Release
♡ Princess Hat: Buttery Toast - Rigantona New @ Fit For a Princess
♡ Choker: Buttery Toast - The Rule of Cute Choker in Blue New @ The Black Dot Project
♡ Cuffs: Buttery Toast - The Rule of Cute Cuffs in Blue
New @ The Black Dot Project 
♡ Mouth: Ni.Ju - Sweets w/ Rope in Lavender Gacha Prize
Infiniti - Paper Birds 2 New @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

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