06 August 2014

I Thought It Was Icing | Kemono Transition

Hey My Fashion Heads!

Do you like the new layout? Please tell me what you think because I worked on it all by myself! 
So here is a bit of a funny story for you all. You know I am a little naive and a little ditzy at times right? When I made this look I was going for the bow was dripping icing down my face and ran down the glasses to my mouth....I truly truly thought it was icing and my heart was shattered when I learned that it wasn't....but hey if you think about it I gave you all a less dirty way to wear these items right? I am in lust with my outfit today (insert sex joke) and I adore each and every piece so keep on reading 

So I'm sure you all have noticed that I got the kemono avatar after some heavy thought. I was thinking "Do I really need this? Am I ever going to use it" The answer was yes to both and I never want to take it off there are so many mods that you can look exactly how you want at anytime! Today I have on a mod from a Marketplace store called The Bloop that had this awesome mod called the Almost Fox and I got the pastel pink but they have a nice selection of mods for only 45L!  and from what I saw no more than 200L I couldn't believe it either but it's happening so bring your faces to thier faces and they will make your face look different :D for cheap *makes a chick face* 

I picked up a couple things from the Okinawa Summer Festival as well one of those things being this amazing school girl uniform perfect for back to school season. This is from Amitomo and I LOVE it (much like any other thing from Amitomo that I own) and with the aid of the Kemono advance alpha HUD it fits perfectly! This is a gacha machine that you play called Summer School Uniform and I got the number 8 (and a couple others >.>) for only 75L a play and since there are so many you're more likely to get different ones with the first couple plays! I paired it with this bag ALSO from Okinawa from kDm called the Ribbon Bag and this cute Power Stone Bracelet from a place called 1005. All gachas under 100L and full of amazing steals and deals!

Are you in a shoppers' mood yet? I bet you are hehe! Run free my fashion heads and grab all the goodies! I will see you all VERY soon (Because of the layout work I am a little backed up but a million outfits are ready to be blogged) Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

Love Always

♥ BODY ♥
♡ Mod For Kemono: The Bloop - AlmostFox in Pastel Pink Under 100L
♡ Shape: My Own Kemono Shape NOT FOR SALE OR TRADE
♡ Eye Mod: POMF - Kemono Star Gazing Eyes in Pink & Silver New Release
♡ Hair: Moon Hair - Absence of Fear in Dolly Group Gift
♡ Schoolgirl Outfit: Amitomo - Summer School Uniform in #8 New @ Okinawa Summer Festival
♡ Shoes: Envious - Platform Boots in White
♡ Bag: kDm - Ribbon Bag in I
New @ Okinawa Summer Festival 
♡ Glasses: Ellemeno - Dirty Glasses in Purple w/bow (OH NOOOOOW I GET IT...) Gacha Prize
♡ Bracelet: Yumyums - Way Girlie Bracelets
♡ Bracelet 2: 1005 - Power Stone Bracelet in Karin
New @ Okinawa Summer Festival 
♡ Bracelet 3: Gossamer Jewelry - White South Sea Pearls
♡ Plushies: MishMish - Candy Fluffz in Creme New @ The Dreamer's Factory
♡ Collar: Boom - Precious Bow Collar in Marshmallow
♡ Icing on Tongue: Mad Echo - Kitty Milk Under 100L
♡ Bow: Free - Creamy Bow in Purple
♡ Buttons: Static - Kawaii Buttons (ALL) Prize For Cupcakes Anonymous
♡ Tail: Comes With Kemono Av
♡ Ears: Comes With Kemono Av

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  1. Lili the new layout is adorable! Fun and delicious! :D
    I laughed a bit at the 'icing' on the glasses.. but hey, there's nothing wrong with making something NSFW, SFW amirite? Also, the kemono avatar looks adorable on you! Can't wait to see more of the outfits you have planned~