03 October 2014

La Petite Morte @ The Candy Fair

Hey my love pockets!
...Actually that sounds a bit dirty but ANYWAY I am here with an amazing skin that just needs to be shown off. I'm still unpacking all the great things I have to show to you guys but I got stopped in my tracks with this skin from La Petite Morte for this year's Candy Fair (Which opens today) do you like what you see? WELL THEN keep on reading for more detail mkay?
This skin is an exclusive version of Suellen (which can be found at the Main Store) and the eyebrows are bright and colorful like yummy candies!
I love the makeup but IF you just want a nice bright eyebrow with a fresh face there is also a no makeup version.
 Each Pack comes with a cleavage/non cleavage version as well as a makeup and a no makeup version! The Candy Fair has just started but it's only until the 17th so make sure to get there as soon as you can! Mwahs & Happy shopping to all 

Love Always

*~*~*~*~ Quick Credits ~*~*~*~*
♡ Hair: Elikatira - Perrie
♡ Shirt: Moon Amore - Simple Shirt New @ The Gacha Mania
♡ Shorts: Bubble - Frayed Shorts in Purple
♡ Glasses: The Sugar Garden - Shy Megane in Yellow
♡ Nail Polish: Flair - Set 197
♡ Cupcake Hat: Yumyums - Yellow Mad Cupcake Hat in Cream Coconutter

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