01 October 2014


Hey Loves!  

Just a quick posty for your faces! Lot's of shopping to be done by THIS GIRL! Keep on reading for rambly bubar!

" I was there for you in your darkest times I was there for you in your darkest nights. But I wonder where were you when I was at my worst down on my knees? And you said you had my back. So I wonder where were you? All the roads you took came back to me. So I’m following the map that leads to YOU "

The Gathering opened today and I ADORE the offering by Sweet Thing and since I now have some money I'm planning on going back for EVERYTHING! The set is called Dreamkeeper and there are so many amazing prizes to gather (WHAT UP EVENT REFERENCE) but I have some of the Spirit Dreamkeeper set on including the awesome but rare staff! Enough with the talking! I will meet you there HERE is the SLURL! Mwahs & Happy Shopping !

Love Always
♥ BODY ♥
♡ Skin: The Sugar Garden - Baby 2.0 in C Tone
♡ Shape: My Own Shape
♡ Eyes: Chop Shop - Morrigan Eyes in Green
♡ Hair: Lamb - Dream On Pastels Pack
♡ Breasts: Lolas - Tango Delicq
♡ Blush: Dead Apples - Anime Blusher
♡ Hoodie: Amerie - Long Hoodie in Rabbit New @ Creation:jp
♡ Socks: Ellemeno - Garter Stockings in Pink Ombre
♡ Shoes: The Sugar Garden - Gyaru Knee Boots in Black New Release
♡ Glasses: The Sugar Garden - Shy Megane
♡ Necklace: Half Deer - Marshmallow Fruit Necklace
♡ Necklace 2: Sweet Thing - Spirit Dreamkeeper Neckpiece New @ The Gathering
♡ Calculator in Shirt: Buttery Toast - Cutesy Calculator
♡ Collar: Wound - Ribbon Choker
♡ Colored Pencil: Yumyums  Nommy Colored Pencil in Oceanic
♡ Bows: Happy Undead - Elmyra Bows in Silk Pastel
♡ Staff: Sweet Thing - Spirit Dreamkeeper Staff RARE New @ The Gathering
♡ Horns: Sweet Thing - Spirit Dreamkeeper Headpiece New @ The Gathering

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