06 March 2017

At Your Service

Hey my lovetots

Wow....lovetots, that sounds delicious. To me though, you guys are the most delicious treat. Knowing that you guys like what I do really pulls me from the evil parts of my mind. I think I need you all much more than you need me.
Today is a short but sweet post with an outfit that I fell in love with quickly. It was a love at first sight kind of love. A slow glance to the side and heart skip a beat type love. A sharing our spaghetti plate while giggling over wine type love. A ru...-you know I think you guys get it.

It's very rare these days for things to excite me but this Kemono Dress from a new (to me) store called Konpeitou did the trick. I wasn't able to find a pose to show off the amazing flowy arms but they look absolutely amazing, the textures don't warp and it moves with animations very well. I went with the blue version of this dress from this round of the always fantastic Sanarae called the Medical Plaid Kemono. I BELIEVE it's a rigged mesh not mesh body specific however it was a breeze on the Maitreya to alpha out the parts that needed to be hidden (like all these curves and mountains)

This is definately an outfit I knew I had to save and I'm so happy I did! I hope you guys enjoy the look as well! See you soon with more looks! Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

Love Always
All The Lovely Credits
♥ BODY ♥
♡ Skin: More More - Hazy Skin in Honey ☆ Newish Release
♡ Shape: My Own Shape
♡ Eyes: S0ng - Ellis Eyes in Forest
♡ Hair: Ayashi - Mizore Hair ☆ Sanarae
♡ Body: Maitreya - Lara Mesh Body
♡ Hands: Tuty's
♡ Feet: Slink
♡ Outfit: Konpeitou - Medical Plaid Kemono in Blue ☆ Sanarae
♡ Socks: Sn@tch - Sparkle Socks in White
♡ Shoes: Cila - Lady Lace Platforms
♡ Glasses: The Sugar Garden - Megane Classic in White
♡ Choker: Cureless/Disorderly - Akiba Cafe Charm Choker in Red ☆ Gacha Prize
♡ Garter: NeverWish - Heart Leg Strap in Pastels
♡ Bow: Cureless/Disorderly - Akiba Cafe Oversize Maid Bow in Red ☆ Gacha Prize
♡ Hairpin: LoveSoul - Hair Accessory Milky Star
♡ Tail: Aii - Bento Devil Tail
♡ Ears: DarkendStare - Kitty Cat Bento Ears ☆ The Kawaii Project
♡ Whiskers: Utopiah - Winter Kitty Whiskers

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