03 November 2012

Katink Helps us keep Tidy!

Hey fashion babes! (*Gasp* new nickname)

So yes my dears its time for another inventory cleanup and I was thinking of getting an inventory organizer to help me out. All you do is take pictures of the things in your inventory and this dandy little database stores the pictures and you look through here for what you want from your inventory...or something like that hehe. Its like Katink read my mind because they released some cute poses for just...this...purpose...check them out

Not 1 but 2 sets to help you with keeping tidy! I nearly fell out of my seat when I saw this release. Maybe we can get organized together hehe. If you need some help with how to start organizing take a look at some of the links down below 

Oh Mai Help
Harlow Help
A Little Help from Firebird

Love Always 

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