24 November 2012

My Heart is Drenched in Wine...

Hey Fashion Heads!
Ever had a day when you have that "What If" about a person you liked but let slip away for total wrong? Or hoped that you didn't let your right just walk away without knowing so? Yep its one of those days. I'm not sad I just wonder...should I say anything or should I just....keep drinking my wine? hehe
The wine pose is super cute right? This is one of MANY amazing things you can find at the Around The World event. This is made by Nani and its called Harvest Wine. Comes with the wine glass and the poses and don't worry if you're not a fan of red wine they have a white wine version too
I was drawn to this dress from Alterego so I finally slipped it on and smiled in my SL mirror. I love the way it falls on my bodeh! A little shoulder adds that hint of sexy I love so much when I dress. This is called The Tallah Dress and its a new-ish release from Alterego available at the main store
Since I for some reason don't show many freebies (What up wit dat?) I decided to put an amazing freebie on my head. Yes guys its totes free with just a bit of hunting. You will be looking for a little ticket for the Where is the Concert? Hunt. They are individual blond hair with different streak options suuuuper cute and amazing quality. I have on the Blonde/Natural Red.

*Continues to sip her wine* See you guys a bit later I have so much to show and so little time *using a dramatic voice* but I make...it HAPPEN I'll be BACK hehe. Mwahs! Happy Shopping 

Love Always 
What I have On
Skin: The Sugar Garden - Baby in Tone B Black Friday Discount Til 11/26
Shape: My Own Shape
Eyes: Amacci - Look Eyes in Danger (Big) Around The World
Hair: Alice Project - Steph II in Blonde/Natural Red Where's the Concert? Hunt
Blush: Dead Apples - Anime Blusher
Eyeliner: Gaeline Creations - Makeup Eyeliner V1 in Black
Eyeshadow: Izzies - Autumn Eyeshadow in Blue Perfect Wardrobe
Nails: Jamman Jewels & Accessories - Ultra Mesh Fingernails New! More Info Soon
Teeth: PXL - Mouth Open Addon
Dress: Alterego - Tallah Dress New Release
Shoes: Skifija - Platinum High Heel Multi Straps in Black
Necklace: Yopulga - Black Mustache Necklace
Ring: Yopulga - Black Mustache Ring
Horns: Plastik - Druzi Horns in Nautica
Travel Pics: Nani - Harvest Wine Pack Around The World
Wrap Up Pic: Yopulga - Gina Pose Pack

Don't Know Why by Norah Jones
 "My heart is drenched in wine but you'll be on my mind forever..."

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