26 November 2012

Every Star in the Sky...is a kiss from me to you

Hey Fashion Heads! 
When I was in 9th grade in Science we studied constellations and I was always so amazed at a stars longevity. Even small stars can last THOUSANDS of years! I've always tried having that philosophy for my life. I will not always be around but until it's my time I will shine as bright as I can.

Today I decided to go with a spacey look. KEVIN SPACEY lol jk. It's a cute little space girl look brought to you by Epic. It's available at this round's The Boobies Show which started yesterday. This is called Space Colony and I got it in the pink version because well...I am me hehe. I love the shoulder and arms because it is one size fits all and it actually DOES *magic*.

Though they aren't "new" they are to me and I LOVE them! Check out these horns! There are from Ni.Ju, a place I haven't gone back to in months but I don't think I'll make that mistake again. There are called Portmanteau Horns and I got them in White. The little armor piece in the front is optional but if you decide on them you can turn them silver, gold, or copper. The little beads on strings are texture change as well to so many colors. 

Well my dears! I hope you enjoyed the look! Shine like a star and I will see you all later! Mwahs and Happy Shopping!

Love Always
What I have on
Skin: The Sugar Garden - Baby in Tone B
Shape: My Own Shape
Eyes: Mayfly - Liquid Light Eyes in Tropical Blue
Hair: Alice Project - Steph II w/ Yolanda Bangs in Autumn Brown Dark Tips (Fading Summer Pack) Sale TODAY only 50% off of Store!
Breasts: Lolas Pushup 2.5
Hands: The Sugar Garden - Mesh Hands
Skin Applier: BGTT - Sugar Garden Tone B
Eyeliner: Gaeline Creations - Makeup Eyeliner V1 in Black
Eye Makeup: Glamorize - First Impression Eye Makeup in Pink
Lipstick: The Sugar Garden - Baby Lips in LiquiShine Pink
Teeth: PXL - Mouth Open Addon
Knee Wounds: Dark Midday Designs - Knee Wounds
Nails: The Sugar Garden - Made for the hands & Feet
Dress: Epic - Space Colony in M83 The Boobies Show
Panties: Muschi - Panties Down in white
Feet: The Sugar Garden - Mesh Feet
Belt: Comes with Outfit
Horns: Ni.Ju - Portmanteau Horns in White
E.T. By Katy Perry


  1. I particularly love this post cause i have this thing with nightskies and stars as well, it can be breathtaking... just like you, cause you shine brighter than the brightest star here, the outfit is adorable, the pics are amazing... its all just.. stunning :-) TY again for so much awesomeness!

  2. Oh I love these pics *_* Where is the place, so interesting!

    1. Hi! and I'm so glad you love the picture. It was taken at Inspire Space Park I meant to credit it but forgot silly girl I am sometimes here is the slurl and I hope you enjoy http://slurl.com/secondlife/Shinda/32/223/1560

  3. Oh thank you so much :)

    Creative pics and your avi is sooo cute. ^.^ Congrats for the blog.


  4. omg i love ur shape