08 November 2012

Butterfly Dreamer

Hey Fashion Heads! 

Sorry about the little scare I caused on you all last time. My last post was not at all me saying I was leaving this bloggy business no no no...you're stuck with me for quite some time so don't go anywhere we have a long relationship ahead of us. I do have a new rl job BUT I don't plan on letting my sl slip away.
 I stayed up mighty late last night because I just didn't want to wait until the morning to get this jewelry set from collabor88 which opened at midnight. I'm stubborn and had to have it and I think it made this geeky chic look even more perfect. Keep reading for more information kay?!?

I first off woke up and saw this cute amazing dress that had just released from DCNY so I scooped it up and took it home to love it forever. This is called Boho Baby dress and they have so many colors but I went for the green tone today because well...I am a fan of green in the fall. 

It took me almost no time to find the shoes I wanted to wear I kind of knew before I even bought the dress I wanted to wear this adorb heels from Sugar...yes....she even makes heels. I love them sooo they are called Dangerous Heels (Rawr! I'm dangerous Bish o.o) and the skin is so easy to match up and the colors are hud changing so you only have to match them to your favorite skin once and change the color of the shoe with an easy to use hud...AWESOME. They are beautiful AND easy to use....not something that's easy to find you know? *winks* So buy em lololol
I waited until midnight then FINALLY got my jewelry! This set is Called Santa Fe from Lagyo for this month's Painted Desert theme at Collabor88. They are sold separately the ring being 88L and the necklace at 188L. 

*Takes a breath* Okay my dears I'm sure you've heard enough of me today now go! shop! be free like a butterfly! Mwahs! Happy Shopping!

Love Always 

Butterfly Dreamer Outfit
Skin: Pink Fuel - Kumi in Peach
Shape: My Own Shape Mesh Modify
Eyes: Anara - Customeyes
Hair: Alice Project - Grace in Summer Red (Fading Summer Dye Hud) Hair From Falling into the Season Hunt
Hands: Slink - Mesh Hands
Ears: Mandala - Steking Ears Newest Release!
Freckles: Sugar - Freckles 1
Teeth: PXL - Mouth Addon
Blush: Dead Apples - Anime Blusher
Dress: DCNY - Boho Baby Dress in Greenery New Release!
Shoes: Sugar - Dangerous Heels in White New Release!
Bow: Toki Doki - Bow2 in Lace H Gacha Prize!
Glasses: AXL Pro - Fashion Executive Glasses Dollarbie!
Necklace: Lagyo - Santa Fe Necklace in Gold Collabor88 Nov.!
Ring: Lagyo - Santa Fe Ring in Gold Collabor88 Nov.!
Tail: Lemon Tea - Short Hair Neko Tail in White
Poses: Baffle

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  1. At the moment suffering from a flu, but seeing your latest post still brought a smile to my face as it does so often. I am by no means a shopper or fashion expert (cause a guy lol, sorry for thinking in stereotypes but in this case true) but its always the overall atmosphere of your posts that strikes me - your choice of words and the pics make it a joy to read them, even for a total fashion-ignorant like me. This time its the way you surround yourself with... um... autumn 'splendor' and subtle, clever details like the butterfly on your nose. Thank you once more... oh and congrats with the new job, hope youre gonna love it! :-)