26 November 2012

Modish News - A Brand New Look (And some discounted Oldies)

Hey Sexy Peeps! 

Today I want to show you not only the great work Ele of Modish has been working on but also her earlier but still amazing work that she is offering to people with a lower budget that still want to look beautiful. Are you ready to feast your eyes upon the beauty? Here we go!....

To start I want to show you the new work of art by Modish called Lulu! I used to have a friend that called me Lulu and I always thought the name was cute. This is the rage makeup which is a limited edition so if you want it grab it before they are all gone!
As you can see the tones have been modified and the body detail has been redone and I think they look amazing! Soft and feminine but not weak looking. The lightest tone (Latte) is available as a group gift just pay the tiny membership fee and the skin is yours! I'm personally a huge fan of Moka and Cioco. I'm always on the search for a dark tone that looks somewhat like my own tone in RL and so far it has got to be the closest. The come with cleavage and non cleavage versions and multiple brow options. I can pretty much tell from these that Modish is only going to keep getting better!

WAIT! There's more...
There is a clearing out of old (but amazing) skins going on in the main room with a nice discount on them so give that a looksy.

If you are a little low on money or even perhaps a little new to SL she offers great older skins in her discount room nothing over 250L which is about 1 USD some even as low as 10L. Take a look

And Even a cute one for the men....
Not to mention many more not even shown including some limited editions. Remember...once they are gone they are gone so hurry and grab them before she does a little bit of winter cleaning!

Love Always

In Picture
Lingerie: Cynful Deliciouso in Teal
Hair: Alice Project - Seohyun Around The World

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