05 November 2012

Visions of Leaves Fill my Hair | Alice Project News

Hey pretty people!

I'm sure you guys know by now I go CRAZY for alice project HUDs right? Well last night (okay fine super early this morning) I got a notice announcing not one but 2 great occurrences going on. One...New color Dye HUD with amazing colors its called Fading Autumn SO PRETTY. Two....Falling into the Season Hunt. Alice is offering a nice little I guess you could say sample pack to the new HUD as well as a cute hairstyle to go with it so don't hesitate to come and look for it and pick up the hud. Here is a quick look at what this one has to offer....I'm not wearing the gift hair because I did want to show the color shift a little easier with a longer hair so...here goes hehe

Get ready for an eye-gasm
I love that her colors are so original and always match the name of the color hud....This hud is only 1000L for usage with ALL infinity hair even older styles you have bought. I'm actually going to buy it later today because well...I'm addicted to the choices . Mwahs Happy Shopping

Love Always 

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