29 November 2012

Takes Lolas to Tango!

Hey Fashion Heads!
Excuse my tiny absence I am at my mom's house for a few days but she gives me time to blog every once in awhile. Isn't she amazing?! I actually want to show off my BOOBS mhm...mhm I'm going there. I finally broke down and got the Tangos! I was going to wait but I decided it was time and I could wait no longer. Want to know what I think? Want to know more about my outfit? Well keep on reading!
So what do I think about the Tangos? I love them. They are easy to use and they look SO realistic. I was afraid they would look saggy or a little drastic on my small frame but in actuality they look very natural and cute. I don't really have a con to these to be quite honest other than the price BUT the pricing is worth it so its really not much of a con. The pros however? Well for one I've been hearing these are easier to work with so we hopefully will see more clothing to fit our boobielicious needs hehe. 
I went with an outfit today that shows off a bit or the natural like shape of these Lolas Tangos. I am wearing a lingerie set available at The Boobies Show from Titz. I loved the flowery pattern on it and I threw on a skirt to wear it outside and take some pictures for you guys I hope you like them because I'm completely in LOVE with my outfit today

So my dears! I will see you guys later and Mwahs! Happy Shopping 

Love Always
 What I have on
Skin: The Sugar Garden - Baby in Tone B
Shape: My Own Shape
Eyes: ADD Andel - Love Affair Eyes in Blueberry Kiwi
Hair: Truth - Marina in Mirage
Piercings: Hebenon Vial - Liquid Gold
Breasts: Lolas Tangos New!
Hands: The Sugar Garden - Mesh Hands
Lipstick: The Sugar Garden - Baby Lips in Balm Strawberry
Teeth: PXL - Mouth Open Addon
Top: Titz - Cotton Undies Bra in Floral The Boobies Show
Panties: Titz - Cotton Undies Thong in Floral The Boobies Show
Skirt: Cynful - Ruffle Mesh Skirt in Dark Blue
Shoes: Kiki Designs - Coquetta Platform Open Toes in White
Necklace: Yopulga - Little Queen Necklace The Silver Lining Hunt
Tongue: December - Ice Cube w/ Tongue
Bracelet: Je Suis - Asymetrique Bangles
Belly Chain: Jamman Jewels & Accessories - Triple Waist Belly Chain in Dark Silver New Release
Tail: Luck Inc - The Tail in Fade to Black
Crown: LaViere - Fake Plastic Crown in Pink
Ears: Trap & Ni.Ju (Collab) - Gelf Ears Pierced

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