23 November 2012

Ohai! I'm Back! | Black Friday!

Hey Fashion Heads! 

I'm back with a different look. Well...two now that I think about it. I redid the bloggy! Do you like? I like to think the colors are very me. My blog would mean very little to me if you couldn't feel the radiation of me through it while you read hehe. 
I ALSO got a new skin! I know I love my Kumi to the max but I've always been a lover of The Sugar Garden as well but they never fit my shape but this latest one Baby....well....it made me a happy girl keep on reading to find out more *nodnods* There are credits but gotta tell you...reading is great toooo....

I went with more plain pictures today to show the cuteness in this skin and the hint of sexy in the outfit I paired with it. Today and Tomorrow ONLY there is a sale on the Chloe Skins from The Sugar Garden for 50 percent off as well as 25 percent off on other select skins so don't waste time go and grab them up! There are sales on MANY skins for this black Friday some of which I will be sharing later in the day with you.
The cute dress I have on today HAD to be worn with this. I mean come on its in the cute handbook THOU SHALT WEAR MY LITTLE PONY TO ENHANCE UBER CUTENESS okay well...it should be in the handbook. This is for the new round of Forgotten closet offered from Sugar & Cyanide and it totes has a my little pony right smack dab in the middle. I will love it long time. 

Well my dears I just wanted so badly to get back to my blog family. I hope you enjoy the new look and feel. Leave me comments tell me what you think. Mwahs! Happy Shopping 

Love Always

What I have on
Skin:  The Sugar Garden - Baby in Tone B
Shape: My Own Shape (Same)
Eyes: Insufferable Dastards - Anime Eyes in Green
Hair: Exile - Beyond The Waves in Frost
Dress: Sugar & Cyanide - My Little Pony
Hand & Nails: The Sugar Garden (Made for Tone B Lumiere Skins)
Glasses: Glamorize - Glasses in Matte Black
Ears: Mutation Industries - Notched Ears in White

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  1. The new looks are amazing, both of them! Happy to see you survived thanksgiving and are back full of inspiration and energy so it seems :-)