09 January 2013

As the Snow Melts...So Does my Heart...

Hello my dear readers!
I missed you guys today but RL called and I had to answer AND also today was my Rezz-day which I didn't even notice until someone pointed it out to me. Today's theme was...well it was letting go really lol. When I first started this blog I was hurt...alone...and very hesitant to share my heart again and now a year later...the past looks *looks way back there* almost like a hazy nightmare. I have amazing friends & Family who always put up with my...rather unique personality.  I have a new person in my life that makes me feel like a princess. Heck I even have a kitten that loves me to bits! *looks down at her RL lap at the purring bundle of joy* I must say...2013 is treating me good.

 Last night I got into Collabor88 for a tiny bit until I crashed and couldn't get back in. I HAD to get this dress. Its a bit more sophisticated than my usual looks but I instantly felt in my gut it had to be on my pixels hehe. This is just one of the goodies Glam Affair has to offer called the Livia Dress I have to admit...the ad got me she looks AMAZING in it and the dress lived up to what I was expecting I only WISH I could have made it look as amazing as the ad did. I OF COURSE got hot pink but its available in other colors. 
I wanted to pair this dress with very light accessories that didn't take too much attention from the dress so I turned a little to the right...and there it was. Jewelry from Yummy! at only 188L (It may have been 88L but I can't get back in to check) each. I got the Citrine set which is a nice bold yellow that I thought looked rather pretty against the dark pink. It comes with the Ring, Necklace and the Earrings. Only thing I wish it had was maybe a resizer on the ring for the ladies with mesh hands like myself but on my regular hand they fit quite nicely 

Sadly that's all I got before crashing but I will be back when there is room! See you then! Mwahs and Happy Shopping!

Love Always 

What I have On
Skin: Izzies - Geanna Skin in Pale
Shape: My Own Shape
Eyes: Crash Republic - Flicker Eyes in Green
Hair: Elikatira - Spark in Brown 04
Hands: Slink Mesh Hands
Lipstick: Izzies - Geanna Lips in Rose
Freckles: Izzies - Geanna Freckles for Pale
Eyeliner: Izzies - Geanna Eyeliner
Blush: Dead Apples - Anime Blusher
Teeth: PXL - OpenMouth Pro
Dress: Glam Affair - Livia Dress in Hotpink
Shoes: Redgrave - Nikki
Necklace: Yummy - Teardrop Gemstone Necklace in Citrine
Earrings: Yummy - Teardrop Gemstone Earrings in Citrine
Bandage: Lovely Smiles - BandAid Pattern 4
Tail: Luck Inc - The Tail in Fade to Black
Poses: Zzang - Sweet Summer Set

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  1. Love this :-) cute, pretty, sexy, elegant... all in one. I am so happy you feel loved, you really deserve that... even more, dont know how to treat a lovely person like yourself in any other way than like a princess *hugs*