14 January 2013

Holy Skins Pt 3 - La Petite Morte @ Genre

Hey my dears!

In this posting I want to show you some amazing skins from Genre

Genre is a new monthly event that focuses on celebrating the different cultures within SL. Its time that the events reach out to ALL consumers in SL not just the general population. This month is a fantasy theme and I picked up these AMAZING skins from La Petite Morte. 
Eyes closed to show the amazing makeup
These are called Wixson and I really love them they look so cute on my shape and I get to be a pretty Elf! These each come with Tango appliers and with the elf ears I have on and they are only 100L each

Check it out! You have a month to take a peeksy! Mwahs and Happy Shopping! 

Love Always

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  1. Love these..great post! Will be getting the pink.. :D