14 January 2013

Holy Skins Part 1

Hello Fashion Heads!

So...today I'm going to drive you all crazy with happiness. I got super lazy with skin showcasing over the holidays even though I was shopping like a crazy person so..I decided to start now ans show you all the goodies that I've been hoarding  and give you my opinion. After I am done this week I will do a nice little index posts but today I would like to start with Iren....Keep on reading for pictures and amazement

So the very first goodie I would like to show is Janine. I love the young look of it as well as I've always been a fan of the color...I guess you could say the color jump of one skin tone to the next. Not too much to FORCE you to have to be many many tones darker or lighter than you intially wanted

From Left to Right: Redhead, Powder, Pale, Tan, Mocca, Dark Tan, Ebony

And though I showed them without, these have tango skin appliers for the ladies like myself who enjoy the mesh breasts from time to time (Will update with news of lush applier)

Which this pack you also get a choice of amazing lip colors even some made for the darker tones but if you're like me you mix and match depending on what type of look you want. 

I'm particularly not a huge fan of Eyeshadow but that is not in any way saying these ones aren't very beautiful very bright and vibrant which you all know are words I absolutely love to hear
And last but not least this pack also comes with no nail gloves made to match the skins as well as all ready mesh hands with a nail color hud. It may have been SL being mean to me but after every nail color change I had to reset the HUD but don't take my word for it lol SL has been mean to me for the last few nights. 
 Overall Review
To be honest I really enjoyed these skins for two major reasons. 1. I LOVE the shape of the mouth and lipstick on myself. The makeup layer lipsticks don't wash out or feather the look of them when you want to wear lipstick and 2. She includes so many as I call them "shortcuts" with the eyeliners and the tango appliers. Even gloves and mesh hands so this pack requires NO tinting. Gotta love straight from the unpack convenience.

Hopefully you guys enjoy what you see as well! Mwahs & Happy Shopping lots more to come!

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