17 January 2013

Blogger Loves You....

Hey Fashion Heads!
Today I want to talk a little bit about something my super cute Succubus brought up last night on her blog. I've since the day I started my blog have always put my love, time and attention into it fully and completely and my "sponsors" mean the WORLD to me and I hate to see that so many bloggers take it for granted. I mean....as a woman self employed I appreciate these amazing designer who put thier faith in me and I like to think of them as people not as a business giving me free things. I try my best to learn about designers as people who are actually very fun to be around and I don't really want to rant my biggest message is really a blogger doesn't love just your creations....the Blogger loves you and loves what they do, that's what I enjoy showing to everyone I encounter. Keep on reading to find out what I'm wearing.

Ohai! I'm a unicorns hehe! Today my look isn't really themed but I really enjoyed the look. I want to start off with my super cute shoes and legwarmers. I've shown these before from Dark Midday Designs BUT guess what? She made an add on. The frill is something new you can add to your purchase and you also get more heels patterns. I Absolutely adore the frill it gives such a new type of look to them. You don't even have to resize the ruffles they come in 5 different sizes yays!
I got this bag about a week ago but I couldn't find anything to wear with it and NOW I finally do. This cute little kitty bag is made by Crash Republic and I fell in love with its cuteness. I am using the white version with the red bow but there is also a black version and a choice of teal or pink bows as well as two versions to hold it.

Also I wanted to look around and maybe snatch up a few freebies so...it was time to do a hunt! and I found a rather nice one called Pimp my Valentine Hunt. I know its a bit early for valentines but since I'm wearing red it actually worked out wonderfully. I will mark the hunt things underneath in my credits but there are many more amazing things not shown yet. Who knows maybe we will run into each other hehe.

I hope you find lots of things to make your day fashion filled! Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

What I have On
Skin: The Sugar Garden - Baby in B Tone
Eyes: Crash Republic - Subtle Eyes in Hazel
Hair: Taketomi - Chamu in Karafuru 08
Hands: The Sugar Garden - Lumiere B Mesh Hands
Eyeliner: Gaeline Creations - Eyeliner V1 in Black
Teeth: PXL - OpenMouth Pro
Lipgloss: Iren - Mona Lipgloss in Fireberry New Release!
Nails: The Sugar Garden Nails
Jacket: Paper Doll - Varsity Jacket in Red/White
Bottom: Cynful - Ruffle Mesh Skirt
Shoes: Dark Midday Designs - Super High Leg Warmer Pumps w/ Ruffles Add-On New Release!
Bag: Crash Republic - Kitteh Bag in Red/White New Release!
Glasses: Love Soul - Decorative Sunglasses in Star1 - Mix Gatcha Prize!
Bow in Hair: LaViere - Candy Bow in Red
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer - Filigree Oval Necklace Collabor88!
Ring: Needful Things - Big Bubble Ring in Valentine Red Pimp My Valentine Hunt!
Unicorn Horn: Ninfanium - Uni-Horns in Prisma
Wing: Pretty Liar - Sparkle Wings in Silver Gatcha Prize!
Tail: Kreations - Demon Tail in Heart Keeper Pimp My Valentine Hunt!

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