25 January 2013

Skin Goodness | Eliza By Mirror's Enigma

Hey Fashion Heads! 
I just can't seem to keep up with skins these days. I've been trying to branch out a bit and try skins I haven't before and since I'm only one person its hard for me to cover EVERY new skin I encounter. I may not be the fastest blogger BUT I always try to keep what I find fun to read and informative. Today I am wearing a new release from Mirror's Enigma. Keep on reading for more pictures & Info 

*Plays Trumpet* I now present to you Eliza! One thing that caught my eye from the very first glimpse is the fantasy tones offered. I think its important for the fantasy ladies to feel beautiful and up to date as well as us with the human tones. The Fantasy tones (Pictured Above) are called Dark Elf (Furthest Left) and Duskblue. The Human tones are Peach & Suntan. All tones have the same makeups available so I decided to just show the makeup choices in Dark Elf & Peach. Enjoy!

Pictured: Dark Elf Basic Bundle:
Leftmost Picture: Nude
Top Row (Left to Right): Rouge & Smokey Bottom Row: Apricot & Shade

Pictured: Dark Elf Devious Bundle

Leftmost Picture: Nude
Top Row (Left to Right): Monarch & Slave  Bottom Row: Morphine &Vanity

Pictured: Peach Basic Bundle
Pictured: Peach Devious Bundle
I personally am a HUGE fan of the makeup offered with the Devious Bundle! It's very me its bright, spunky, attention grabbing, and very exotic plus the nude version for my usual love of makeup play. The Basic Bundle is of course a must have for every girl that loves the more natural look and ALSO comes with the nude version for your makeup playing needs. 

All Bundles come with Tangos appliers for the matching skin tone, eyebrow shape/Bald Base, a shape (not worn), lashes (not worn), a widows peak tattoo layer, and eyes to accent the skin perfectly. Run to the store and grab it as quickly as possible! Mwahs & Happy Shopping 

Love Always

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