27 January 2013

Lili Has a Home? | Lazy Sunday Home Edition

Yes she does! Hi Fashion Heads!

Today I was a little tired out with clothing and it IS my lazy Sunday. I think I just wanted a relaxing day especially with all the new stuff hitting the grid so I decided I would show you a look around my home. I have a lot of goodies even in my home for you sexy people. The pictures aren't the work of Homes & Garden but I tried my best and I hope you enjoy. Keep reading for more information & Pictures

I bought the house offered at Collabor88 from Pilot for a nice affordable price of 588L. The Land Impact is only 20 and great for someone that has a tiny parcel with a low prim limit. You have a little more time to grab it so I suggest you do so right about now. The rest of the home furnishing are things I've found around the grid so....Enjoy many MANY credits.

So if you turn this way you see my adorable living room. It doesn't really have a color pallete but it gives off the feel of an ever growing artist's living room. I like to have a little breathing room so none of my areas are filled to the brim.

♡ Couch: Cleo Design - Cold Winter Nights/ Sofa Option 1 Cold Winters Night Hunt Prize
♡ Table: Trompe Loeil - Simple Culture Coffee Table
♡ Shutters: Apple Fall - PARIS Shutters
♡ Rug: Animalive - Seduction Scene Rug (Incognito Rug FTW?)
♡ ABC Art: PILOT - Miller Positive Words A to C Four Walls Hunt Item
♡ Cupboard:Unflat Stuff - Cupboard with Mugs
♡ Piled Canvas: End Of Daze - Piled Canvases Four Walls Hunt Item
♡ Paint Palette: End Of Daze - Paint Decor Four Walls Hunt Item
♡ Plant: Trompe Loeil - Simple Culture Square Planter + Leaves
♡ Painter's Stool: LISP - Paint Me a Picture Old C88 Item
♡ Fireplace: Apple Fall - Chateau Fire Advent day 6
♡ Guitar: Zinnias - Pickers Guitar Decor Item Four Walls Hunt Item
♡ Candle 1: Lisp - Spring Candle Set/ Words Candle Love with flame
♡ Candle 2: Lisp - Spring Candle Set/ Words Candle Be Mine no flame
♡ Macaroons: Tres Blah - Pastry Mania/Macarons Old Arcade Item

Let's turn this way to the kitchen! I um....I love cupcakes that is all. I tried to keep a very homestyle looking kitchen so...let's take a look

♡ Kitchen counters & Shelves: Apple Fall - One Kitchen
♡ Shelf: Apple Fall - Lilith Cabinet 2
♡ Table: Floorplan - Aden Kitchen Table Sale!
♡ Chairs: Floorplan - Aden Kitchen Chairs in Salmon Sale!
♡ Cupcakes w/ Stand: Sway's - Have a Cupcake/ Cakestand With Cupcakes Four Walls Hunt Item
♡ Table Settings: Hardvark - Alice Setting/ MadTea Party Old Arcade Item
♡ Picture 1: Sway's - Have a Cupcake/ WallArt Delicious Cupcake Four Walls Hunt Item
♡ Picture 2: Lisp - Dining Prints/ Ice Cream Print 1
♡ Picture 3: Lisp - Dining Prints/ Yoghurt Print
♡ Coffee Planter: Balaclava - Recycled Coffee Set Painted Desert Painted Desert C88
♡ Cupcake With Mug: Sway's - Have a Cupcake/Plate with Cupcake & Coffee Mug Four Walls Hunt Item


We now head to the bedroom! Not many people are allowed in here so naturally I hired Security
Geoffrey The Guard Giraffe - Pink, mean, and full of pain!
Hey don't look at him like that he is super tough and does his job well hehe. I tend to in RL spend a lot of my time in my room so its the most decorated and I guess it carried over to SL. *Waves you inside*
♡ Bed: Trompe Loeil - Canopy Bed Poplar Rose PG
♡ Pen & Paper: What Next - Message Pad & Pen
♡ Lamp: Prism Furniture - Southern Living Small Lamp
♡ Nail Polish Rack: PILOT - Nail Polish Rack With Love Hunt
♡ Radio: Tee*fy - Retro Portable Radio Printed Paper Pink Old Arcade Item
♡ Shelf: Scarlet Creative Mesh - My Modular Shelf Individual 2 Four Walls Hunt Item

♡ Lounger: Trompe Loeil - Pallet Lounger
♡ Ladder w/ Tree Design: What Next - Falling Wall Decor (Spring)
♡ Lamp: Prism Furniture - Southern Living Floor Lamp
♡ Desk: Unflat Stuff - Wooden Desk
♡ Shelf: Floorplan - Chevron Cubby Gatcha / Peach Gatcha Item
♡ Laptop: Apple Fall - iFall Notebook
♡ Gumball Machine: Floorplan - Gumball Machine/White
♡ Cup Of Cappacino: Tres Blah - Pastry Mania/Mustache Cup
♡ Book: Floorplan - Pride and Prejudice Novel
♡ Cell Phone: Unflat Stuff - Mobile Phone
♡ Telephone: What Next - Pink Telephone
♡ Bulletin Board: Floorplan - Photo Bulletin Board
♡ Whiteboard: Unflat Stuff - Whiteboard
♡ Lamp: Floorplan - Barn Light/White
 ♡ Blue Crow: Silent Sparrow - (Bloo) Corbie Plush Crow
♡ Red/Blue Unicorn: Silent Sparrow - (Rainbow) Uni-ee! for Displaying
♡ Brown Unicorn: Silent Sparrow - (Caramel) Uni-ee! for Displaying
♡ Rainbow Unicorn: Silent Sparrow - (Carny) Uni-ee! for Displaying
♡ Bunny: Silent Sparrow - (GumDrop) Sitting Bunneh! Mesh Plush Rabbit

....and that is my house! I hope you enjoy it and don't forget to pick up the hunt items. The Four Walls Hunt ends on the 31st of this month (I know I'm playing it close) and all the gifts are 20L but everything is valued at 200L or more so its definitely worth the money. 

ALSO Floorplan is having a sale until the end of the month if you are in need of some cute little accessories this is a great place to find some amazing stuff and at 25 - 50 percent off I don't see a reason not to go. 

I hope I gave you a nice glimpse into my world. See you all tomorrow and much love! Mwahs & Happy Shopping 

Love Always

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