14 January 2013

Holy Skins Pt 2.

Its me again!

I don't want to bug you with all my mumbo jumbo so let's just roll on with the pictures!

OH MAH GERD! I absolutely adore this skin. The lips are very defined but still have a pouty look to them and I really like the nose shaping on this shape. I decided since I didn't on the last batch this time around I'd wear the lolas appliers to show you how they look
Another feature I was really into with this series of skins is the blushing on the cheeks. I'm sure most of you know..Lili loves the blush hehe. 

For the lip makeup lover in most of us ladies this pack will be sure to make you very happy for quite some time. They have a nice selection of Lipsticks, Lipglosses and even some Matte tones..Take a look
and of course this pack also comes with no nail gloves and mesh hands. 

Overall Review
I am usually not a buyer of fatpacks but with this pack I would say go for it. The lip makeup is AMAZING none of them look like another in this pack and you are getting your money's worth and I can see myself using all of these tones at least once :D

ALSO! There is a new addon for this skin, Janine and Olga (Not Shown) if you want to mix and match features (Nose/Mouth/Brows) there are tattoo layers for it so you can be uniquely amazing in these skins yays!

Tata for now! Happy Shopping!

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