19 April 2014

Katat0nik Goodness | Free Bunny Dress For Yew

Hello my loves! 
Well, well look who we have here! It's been forever since I could gather my most favorite succubus, Inuoko Shikami and I captured her for an Easter-tastical picture with sweet little old Lili face! I have been going through a LOT of things lately and even when I feel alone and kinda scared, she always creeps her way into my heart and gives me that warmth and strength that I need. I don't wanna get all over mushy about this woman....again >.> but let's just say there isn't enough blogger space to tell you all how much she means to me. I love you Inucakes <3

Today we both have on a not only AMAZING but FREE dress that will get you all into that Easter spirit. Like what you see? Do you? Well aren't you the lucky little reader...gonna give you all the details so you can grab this up for yourself!

Sooooo today we have on an AMAZING new release  from Katat0nik. I LOVE Katat0nik SO MUCH! I don't think this amazing person could make ANYTHING I don't adore. This is called The Cheeky Bunny dress and I have on the Sky version. You can find this at the Ozimals sim for the amazing Easter Hunt they have going on right now. It's quite easy and fun to do. 
1. Go to Magic Of Oz and click the sign to get a basket
2. Explore the sim and find 6 eggs and click them to put in your basket
3. After you get the eggs pick the store of your choosing from the menu that pops up (30 second time out)
4. Attach the stack of eggs you receive to your head and go to the store and clickity click

You can do this as many times as you want and there are so many prizes to collect! For this dress there are three versions and I luckily got the version that I really wanted on my first try! It ends on the 23rd so hurry down and grab up the goodies okay?
Short but sweet post with one of the sweetest people around! Hopefully I'll be back to regular posting and better quality pics since I have found...a balance? See you guys tomorrow! Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

Love Always

♥ BODY ♥
♡ Skin: The Sugar Garden - Baby 2.0 in E Tone
♡ Shape: My Own Shape NOT FOR TRADE OR SALE
♡ Eyes: The Sugar Garden - Mori Eyes in Dark Brown New @ The Cosmetic Fair Spring 2014
♡ Hair: LCKY - Alcohol with Aiko Bangs (requires modding skills) New Release
♡ Hands: Slink - Enhanced Mesh Hands in Elegant
♡ Feet: Slink - Enhanced Mesh Feet Medium Height
♡ Teeth: PXL - Openmouth Pro
♡ Booty: Luck Inc - Cute Azz
♡ Lipstick: The Sugar Garden - Sparkle Lips in Gumii New @ The Cosmetic Fair Spring 2014
♡ Nail Polish: Bella Elephante - Mr Panda Slink Appliers New @ The Cosmetic Fair Spring 2014
♡ Blush: Dead Apples - Anime Blusher
♡ Prim Blush: Blah - My Super Kawaii Blush
♡ Freckles: The Sugar Garden - Light Freckles
♡ Dress: Katat0nik - Cheeky Bunny Dress in Sky New @ Ozimals Easter Hunt
♡ Glasses: Amala - Alyssa Glasses in Clear Pink New Release
♡ Necklace: Katat0nik - Radio Necklace in Sweet Pink Kitty Gacha Prize
♡ Collar: Random Matter - Arabella Collar in White Gacha Prize
♡ Earrings: North West - Sissi Square Hoops
♡ Cuffs: Candy Mountain - Flaffy Bondage Cuff (Modified) New-ish Release
♡ Bow: Happy Undead - Elmyra's Bow in Blue/Greens
♡ Hair Bows: Love Soul - Hair Accessories in Eyeball Light Blue, Pink & White
♡ Popsicles in Hair: SugarNova - Kawaii Popsicles in Berry & CottonCandy
♡ Candy in Hair: Ni.Ju - Valentines Sweets
♡ Tail: Yumyums - Frisky Succubus Tail in Ivory New Release
♡ Ears: Mandala - Fantasy Elf Ears

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