16 September 2013

Lili's Review: Luck Inc's Phat Azz

I know it's weird to see me call something "review" I feel weird saying it myself but I digress! Because of what I am reviewing all pictures, comments, and opinions will be after the break so keep on reading to learn more.

Second Life went wild with this new release at Luck Inc called "Phat Azz" which is a nice mesh round juicy booty for the women in SL who want a bit more junk in the trunk.
Dress: Milk - It Girl Mini in Pink
When I first heard of this I kind of waved it off thinking it was going to be a bit redundant since I was under the impression if you want a bigger but on SL just up your slider but boy was I wrong. I played with the butt slider under appearance and after a certain amount of fullness it looked unappealing. It was very lumpy and wasn't rounded, it had a square look. With this mesh booty however its nice, full, and well rounded.

OH before I forget its not just an attachment you add over your own tush. It's a mesh butt/leg attachment so the legs you see are part of the product. I love the legs on this they are very strong and firm looking and look realistic to be supporting the frame they have to hold up yes? I myself prefer the more inner thigh version but there are 3 versions of legs to chose from (shown below)
Panties: Milk - Love Lace Panties in Pink/White
The way you use this is similar to other mesh products. It is controlled by a very user friendly HUD which seems to be very low scripted and you get two layers, pants and underpants. You can also use skin appliers which have already been produced by some of the top skin makers so just give it a couple more weeks and your favorite skin maker might offer some appliers to you

So...my personal opinion? I think this is a great addition to the mesh body parts family especially for a girl looking for a fuller frame/figure. Of course its not for everyone but if you are looking for a curvier I would recommend this for bigger hips/tush/thighs. I wish there was a version for a more...belly heavy avatar for the women who love to flaunt ALL their curves. For right now its a little hard to get things to wear with it but you just wait....it will get super easy like with the mesh breasts.

If you need some help I can suggest a few places at the bottom of this post! I will catch up with you guys in a little busy week ahead so not sure how much blogging can be done. Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

Love Always
Some Clothing Places
Milk (Most products have been updated with appliers)
The Sugar Garden
Luck Inc
Holli Pocket
& More to come

Some Skin places (so far)
The Sugar Garden
Al Vulo
& More to come

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