07 September 2013

Swagger Jagger

Hey Fashion Heads!!

"Swagger Jagger, Swagger Jagger. You should get some of your own..." 
Not only has this song been stuck in my head but...I love the words. I've always felt like a bit of a strangeling in the SL Fashion world because of how I like to "piece" things together. Don't get me wrong I like being the strange one but I know that when you guys read its because you like it to right? I'm never going to be the blogger that keeps it simple...at least not all the time. I love to accessorize...its my Swagger Jagger *giggles* 

I adore the outfit that I have on today to bits and I want you all to buy every single item from it! Come on! Keep on reading to find out where to go! Are you on the search for your swagger? Well I guess it's okay if you jump right to the credits!


So I want to start off with the hoodie I have on from Auxiliary.You can get this from this round of She & Him! I just simply have to say I love it. Picking the color to wear was troubling since I liked them all but I went with the Purple Zebra. I love the length of it just long enough to have the hoodie feel but not too long so its difficult to wear a mesh bottom with it. With each pack you get two versions. One is more plain and then there is a version like the one I'm wearing that has the middle design.
*Swings her hips* The skirt I have on is another awesome release from Geek! I'm not sure if you can tell that I'm a little in love with this store yet or not but um...yeah. ANYWHO if you skip your way to the Stalkerazzi event you will find this. This is called the Whisper Me Skirt and it comes with this belt that I have on as well. I have on the Fluffers version but there are a lot of different ones to choose from!

So remember when I was complaining about Accessories....not anymore! This round of Mes Brics a Bracs is starting and its a Gacha theme this month with so many awesome pieces of amazing! My Earrings and glasses are just one of MANY awesome things to be found. I have on two sets of earrings *giggles* the Butterfly set is from Happy Undead called the Happy Swing Earrings and I put on the Life version which is a nice swirly mixture of purple and teal. The tinier earrings I have are from Blah called My Toxic Earrings from Stalkerazzi and I put those on in sky. The glasses I have on are from a new place to me called Etham and they made these 8-bit glasses that I am really feeling. There are lots of colors and patterns to win but I'm showing off the purple version. Definitely check this round out I'm sure you'll go home with at least one accessory no matter what budget you have.
Is the shopping bug sinking its fangs into your wallet? Mine too! Let's be free and shop! Remember fashion heads...if you have 10 haters...see how you can upgrade yourself and have 12 tommorow :D Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

Love Always

What I have on!
♥ BODY ♥
♡ Skin: Essences – Cho Clean in Brillant
♡ Shape: My Own Shape NOT FOR SALE OR TRADE
♡ Eyes: Insufferable Dastards – Real Eyes in Green
♡ Hair: Eep – Hair 012 in Strawberry
♡ Hands: Slink – Enhanced Mesh Hands in Elegant
♡ Teeth: Shine – Vampire Teeth
♡ Lipstick: Pink Acid – Exotic Ethnic Lips New @ She & Him Event
♡ Lipgloss: Izzies – Glossy Lip Highlights
♡ Blush: Dead Apples – Anime Blusher
♡ Jacket: Auxiliary – Hoodie in Violet & Zebra New @ She & Him Event
♡ Socks: Honey Kitty – Thin Border Socks in Lavender
♡ Skirt: Geek – Whisper Me Skirt in Fluffer New @ Stalkerazzi
♡ Belt: Geek – Whisper Me Belt in White New @ Stalkerazzi
♡ Glasses: Etham – 8 Bit Glasses in Purple New @ Mes Brics a Bracs
♡ Necklace: Blah – My Cute Spiky Choker in White & Sky
♡ Ring (Right): Blah – My Love Ring
♡Earrings: Happy Undead – Happy Swing Earrings Butterfly Life in Sky New @ Mes Brics a Bracs
♡ Earrings 2: Blah – My Toxic Earrings in Sky New @ Stalkerazzi
♡ Plushies: Katat0nik – Fancy Milk Doll in Purple Gacha Prize
♡ Bow: Remarkable Oblivion – Briar Bow Usagi
♡ Tail: Lemon Tea – Upright Demon Tail in Matte White
♡ Wings: Pretty Liar – Sparkle Wings in Silver Gacha Prize
♡ Ears: Trap – Short Gelf Ears

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