01 September 2013

Skinliness: Sapphire By Mirror's Enigma

Hello Lovers! Today seems like a great day to show off another skin right? I'm not sure if you'd call these reviews or showcases...I'm not fully sure but I do want to show off the skin I'm wearing right now from Mirror's Enigma. Like what you see?
 Keep on reading to find out more about it!

The skin I am showing you all today is called Sapphire part of the Wave 3 skin line of Mirror's Enigma! Sapphire is available in Peach, medium, and tan as shown below
Tango/ Lush Appliers Available
Matching Slink Appliers Available
Brows: Browless, Black, Brown, & Brunette
Shapes Available (Not Shown)
6 Makeup Choices (Shown Below)
Makeup Packs Available
Top Row (Left To Right): Blight, Cherry, Natural
Bottom Row (Left To Right): Skye, Smoky, Summer

As well as the makeup choices there is a lipstick pack and 2 eyeshadow packs but I only covered the lips in this post so make sure to check out the shadow pack when you get there!
All lipsticks come in a light & Dark version as well to better match any skintone you'd like to wear with them. 

Be sure to get a demo of this skin and when you find that you love it buy it SO HARD! Message me and tell me what you think if you'd like hehe I love hearing from you guys! Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

Mainstore [x]
Marketplace [x]

Love Always

P.S I am still cleaning the inventory and ladies (& Gents) Those who are following my steps towards cleaning part 2 will be posted this week and it will be my Body Parts folder organization

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