25 May 2013

Introducing | Daria By Modish

Hello Loves!

I again apologize for the absences I've been having lately and I may as well fill you in yes?

Well...let's just say something amazing is happening with my RL and I really want to see where it goes so I've been away from my computer as of lately. Will I be leaving the SL Blogging world? No, however I do have to share my time I give to you guys with others and I haven't had to do that in a while so please bare with me until I can balance the two better.

I did come baring gifts! Its a gem of a skin from Modish for the Garage Fair! Keep Reading for pictures!
This is a skin by the wonderful creator Ele Brandi called Daria that I loved from the very start. I've always loved modish BUT the new skin tones she has started have a way of making me very happy. All the tones are realistic with highlights and lowlights of colors if that makes sense. I adore the face of this skin too. It can be used for a young fresh look and it can also be aged up with little to no difficulties which is a major plus in my book

Also if you are a makeup crazy person like myself there are also many amazing lip colors to smear across these gorgeous lips and make them just pop with color. There are 4 sets A, B, C, and D and in each of those sets there are 4 colors to choose from! Though you don't have to wear the lipstick with the Daria skin or vice versa it  would be nice to have them both :D
Getting the urge to skin shop? Good! That means I still have my talent! I love you Fashion Heads so much! Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

Love Always

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