16 May 2013

Ophelia By La Petite Morte

Hey Loves! 

Am I a cute gothy Vampires?
*Giggles everytime I write out the name of this skin shop I chuckle but she has a point it almost is a little like an orgasm sometimes to find a skin you like. Today I want to show you one of the new releases from La Petite Morte for the World Goth Fair. Keep on reading for more pictures
This release is  called Ophelia and it is available in 3 Skin tones and 6 makeups at the World Goth Fair Exclusively. I love the skin tones offered. Even though they are pale you can still see the body detail and it doesn't look....I guess you would say smudgey? The tones are very smooth and natural looking. 
  •  Shape Offered in Package (not used)
  • Multiple eyebrow color options
  • Cleavage/Non Cleavage Available 
  • Choice of 6 makeups

If you're into the goth look or want to experiment give the World Goth Fair a visit and I'm almost sure you will find something to suit your personal style. While you are there don't forget to demo this skin! See you all later I hope you enjoy! Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

Love Always

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  1. Very cute! Where is the hair from?