30 May 2013

Grape Milkshakes

Hey Sexy Bishes!
So I went shopping last night and they had an epic sale on these nifty little straws called "Got Milk?" they are the cutest little straws filled with little...flavor beads? and they had so many flavors available for only 50 cents but I didn't want to be greedy so I only got a banana, Vanilla, and strawberry. I guess my outfit was loosely inspired by...Flavored Milk? Yes...I like *giggles*

I'm not wearing many things that are amazingly new but I love each piece like I just bought it so that's the most important thing right? I of course wanted to show off my Katatonik milk plushy and my go to Milk! skirt but I want to focus on the newer things and of course everything is credited at the bottom!
First off I'd like to point out that the World Goth Fair is still going on and they have amazing stuff there including this dress from Rotten Defiance! I wore it more as a top today but I love the design on it! Its like little floral stripes of colors! If you want this dress you should look for "Cross My Heart Dress" I decided on the white and purple version but there are many other color choices to pick from.

Also a new skin skin release from Hush Skins! Well...2 actually but for my outfit I picked Charlotte in Pink but there is also Jenny (Both Pictured Below). Some of you already know I've always been a fan of Hush but I REALLY love these releases it was easy for me to make them a bit more youthful for my needs and they also can be made to look mature with quick little changes. 
  • Tango/Lush Appliers Available
  • Slink Hand/Feet Appliers Available 
  • 6 Skintones Available 
  • Light, Dark, and Brown Brow versions
  • Cleavage & Non Cleavage versions
Last But not least my hair is a new release from Ploom! I'm a little late I know but not to late for you to grab it up yourself! This is called Isa and its this cute short piggytail look that tickled my heart and soul. I really love the pinks offered from Ploom so I tend to wear them if I can get away with it :D

Like what you see? Good! Now its shopping time for you! Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

Love Always


♥ BODY ♥
♡ Skin: Hush Skins - Charlotte in Pink (Vanilla Tone) New Release
♡ Shape: My Own Shape NOT FOR SALE OR TRADE
♡ Eyes: Chus - Street Lens in Mantis
♡ Hair: Ploom - Isa New Release
♡ Hands/Feet: Slink
♡ Appliers: Hush - Vanilla Skintone [Slink, Lolas, Lush] NEW Release
♡ Ears: Hebenon Vial - Pierced Ears in FROST Special Edition
♡ Breasts: Lolas Tango
♡ Teeth: PXL - OpenMouth Pro Teeth
♡ Blush: Dead Apples - Anime Blusher
♡ Lipgloss: Izzies - Glossy Lip Highlights
♡ Nail Polish: Flair - Set 3 in Dusk
♡ Top: Rotten Defiance - Cross My Heart Dress in White & Purple New @ World Goth Fair
♡ Skirt: Milk - My Russian Mini Skirt in Purple
♡ Glasses: Witches & Rats - Cute Kitty Glasses in Grey/Purple
♡ Plushie: Katat0nik - Purple Strawberry Milk Doll Gacha Prize
♡ Tiara: Natural - Fiorina Tiara #2 Gacha Prize
♡ Necklace:  Maxi Gossamer - Wild Honey Bee in Purple
Ring (Left): North West - The Stache Double Loop Ring in Silver/White
♡ Ring (Right):  Pepper - Star Ring in Purple gacha Prize
♡ Wings: Pretty Liars - Sparkle Wings in Dark Purple Gacha Prize
♡ Horns: Poptart - Sad Horns in Purple Gacha Prize

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