02 May 2013

Drops Of Jupiter

Hey Fashion Heads!

Its me!  Yesterday was my Bestie/Wifey/Boob Buddy Inu's birthday so if you see her online harass her so hardcore and give her a Happy Belated!! She is now legal!!! Well....legal to drink so lets get her some virtual liquor and keep the party going! 
I really like the outfit I have on today the black & White with pops of red (a combo a really love) and I have on so many awesome new releases! Wanna know more about this outfit? Keep on reading! If you have birthday plans as well then that's okay there are credits below.

Soooo let me start with this amazing skirt I have on. I usually visit a place called Demise of Flight for a lot of my posing needs but she also has started mesh products and this skirt is one of them. I love the color and the texture and it looks a bit like a skirt I bought earlier today. This is the Bridget skirt that I have on in Rinsed but there are other denim textures as well as another release that is more colorful called Roxy.

With the new month came a new round of Perfect Wardrobe and this month's theme is Goth/Gothic and I saw some super cute things I had to have, like my horns! These are made by Loulou & Co and  I love the little flower but if you're not a fan of the flower there is a version without it.  Either way I enjoy my horny goodness (yep I said it dun judge)

Oh! More sneakers! These super adorb ones are from a place called Boob-Lish! Even though they sell a lot of clothing geared towards mesh/prim breasts its nice to see some cute sneakers! I have on the Nintendo version but there are other designs if you'd like to check them out!

Last but not least is my makeup yes? *smacks lips together* I am really digging Modish's makeups lately including one of the newest releases the Kikili Lips that can be picked up at Stuff in Stock for only 65L each set! They fit over most lips fine and the colors are so bright and pop-ish even the more nude colors are incredibly noticable!
*Does a twirl* Soooo hopefully this leaves you craving some shopping of your own right? RIGHT *giggles* See you all laters! Mwahs & Happy Shopping 


Love Always
❤ BODY ❤
♡ Skin: Essences - Opera in Sunkissed Coming Soon!
♡ Shape: My Own Shape
♡ Eyes: Chus - Lancelot Eyes in Lake
♡ Hair: Magika - Moment
♡ Piercings: Puncture - Dermal Spike Implants Throat
♡ Breasts: Lolas Tangos
♡ Lipstick: Modish - Kikili in Set A Lipstick 2 Stuff In Stock
♡ Face Stickers: Ni.Ju - Face Stickers in Red Gacha Prize
♡ Teeth: Shine - Vampire Teeth
♡ Blush: Dead Apples - Anime Blusher
♡ Knee Wound: Dark Midday Designs - Wounds
♡ Top: Bazinga - My L-I-C-K Dress in Striped
♡ Skirt: Demise Of Flight - Bridget Demin Mini in Rinsed New Release
♡ Shoes: Boob-Lish - Unisex Sneakers in Nintendo New Release
♡ Bag: Epic - Kawaii Bloody Murder Backpack in Red Gacha Prize
♡ Crown: O.M.E.N - Kiddie Crowns in Wood-Red Free to Join Group Gift
♡ Glasses: Ellemeno - Clean Glasses in Red
♡ Necklace: Maxi Gossamer - Wild Honey Bee in Cherry Amber
♡ Belt: Pepper - Pieces Belt
♡ Ears: Trap - Short Gelf Ears
♡ Tail: Lemon Tea - Drakodaimonen Tail Fantasy Faire 2013
♡ Horn: Loulou & Co - Dulce Muerte Horns Perfect Wardrobe
♡ Arms: Pixel - Demon Baby Gloves in Black

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