19 December 2013

Princess Of Oz | 100k Views :O

Hey Loves!!
First and foremost...I can't BELIEVE I've made it to 100k views and I thank each of you who take the time to read my random yet heartfelt postings! I'm still amazed each day to see that you guys are still reading and still commenting and making me feel like a million bucks and I just don't know how to express to you guys how much I LOVE doing this. 

Today I went with a look loosely inspired by Wizard of Oz. Do you remember when Dorothy and the gang got to Emerald City and everyone had on green? They had a wizard but we ALL know...They totally needed a glitter princess I mean SERIOUSLY...do you think the "Wizard" would have ordered them to wear something so stylish? Though the look is more simple than my usual I felt AMAZING! Want to get the stuff for yourself? Follow the yellow brick road and keep on reading! Credits at the bottom *snickers "bottom"*

 I want to start off with a freebie since I rarely do those for you guys. I got into F R O S T for a little and while they I may have pillaged the tree and grabbed some gifts one of them being these amazing eyes from Adoness called Swirls in my Eyes in a magnificent emerald color which I must say is rare. It's very hard for me to find green free eye colors and this one made me HNGGG...made me SO happy. The entire event is wonderful I recommend you all to look just please turn your graphics and draw distance low so you don't make your computer sad!
THIS DRESS *Squeals* This dress made me feel the happy feels from Oz to Kansas! This is a brand new release from Violent Seduction that I absolutely adore called Royal Star! This is an original mesh creation that you won't find anywhere else which I must admit...makes me a little sad because I love the fit. The small is a realistic small, there is boob room and hip room and the rigging doesn't cut through parts of your body like I've seen with some dresses this puffy. This dress is just all around amazing! Today I have on the Green but there are other colors to grab so make sure you go and check it out! DEMO FIRST :O!

 *Taps heels together* These are not ruby slippers but I have to admit....Dorothy WISHES she had these too. I am really into this release from The Sugar Garden (Cause that's SO different than..any other release from TSG) for so many reasons one of the reasons being the bell ankle strap that adds that hint of gold I really wanted with this look. These are called the Jingle Heels and you can find these at F R O S T Fair in soooo many amazing colors I have on the Emerald of course ;) . BEFORE I FORGET! You will need the Medium Height Slink feet for these...if you do not have them you have to go get them before demo-ing k? KAY!
Are you excited!?!? ME TOO! Everybody shop, be merry, be happy, and most of all be safe. Mwahs & Happy Shopping 

Love Always

♥ BODY ♥
♡ Skin: The Sugar Garden – Baby in E Tone
♡ Shape: My Own Shape  NOT FOR TRADE OR SALE
♡ Eyes: Adoness – Swirls in My Eyes in Emerald Gift @ F R O S T Fair
♡ Hair: Eaters Coma – Hair 39 in Light Mocha
♡ Hands: Slink – Enhanced Mesh Hands in Elegant
♡ Feet: Slink – Enhanced Mesh Feet Medium Height
♡ Teeth: Shine – Vampire Teeth
♡ Nail Polish: Flair – Set 113 in #5
♡ Eyeliner: S0ng – Catlick Eyeliner in Option 2
♡ Blush: Dead Apples – Anime Blusher
♡ Freckles: The Sugar Garden – Freckles Light
♡ Face Stickers:  Ni.Ju – Face Stars in Green
♡ Dress: Violent Seduction – Royal Star in Green New Release
♡ Tights: Forever Young – Ivy Tights in Gold
♡ Shoes: The Sugar Garden – Jingle Heels in Emerald/Gold New @ F R O S T Fair
♡ Necklace: Maxi Gossamer – Jewelled Butterfly Gold/Short
♡ Bracelet 1: ASO – Moroccan Bracelet in Forest/Gold
♡ Bracelet 2: ASO – National Flag Bracelet in UAE/Gold
♡ Ring: Tea Soup – Celestial Ring in Emerald
♡ Bows: Happy Undead – Elmyra’s Bow
♡ Tail: Lemon Tea – Drakodaimonen Tail
♡ Ears: Hebenon Vial – Pierced Ears in Cutie Cartoons
♡ Whiskers: Utopiah – Hungry Kitty Whiskers
Imeka - Rose Pack New @ Kustom9

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