03 February 2013

Getting In My Pants...| New Stuff Galore

Gooood Morning Fashion Heads!
I know the title is a little...off but it's not what it looks like. As most of you well know me and pants have a long distance relationship. I'm usually the girl found in skirts and dresses...or panties but once in a while I think it will be fun to throw on pants. I guess you can call "pants" a metaphor for life. Even when something you're used to is great....there is always something you're not accustomed to that could potentially be just as great. So never turn down an opportunity because of fear or being laughed at. There are so many things that wouldn't be in this world if people stopped because of being laughed at. Okay done being philosophical its time for clothes \o/

Let me start off with a huge YAY! because Hush released some februrary goodies (and even a group gift). I couldn't decide which one I wanted to wear for today and just randomly double clicked on one so I am wearing the Peyton Skin in cream with the "Tease" makeup choice. There are 2 other skin series as well as 4 other makeups in the Peyton. Take a looksy
From Left to Right: Passion, Lust, Love, Kiss, Fire in Cream Tones
From Left to Right: Sky, Kiss, Flirty, Envy, Bronzed
From Left to Right: Teased, Passion, Loved, Kissed, Flirt

I was going for a comfortable but presentable look a la lazy Sunday. I was told by a friend to try something different so...I put on some pants again hehe its been quite some time. I put on these Crash Republic skinnies for this round's SL Fashion Week. They are nice and inexpensive and the texture on them I am really liking. its not so grainy they look like they have been washed too much...if that makes sense. They look like soft well made denim skinnies.

My Jacket can be picked up from The Outlet for a nice discounted price. This is one of the many things offered from Mirror's Enigma and I must admit I love it. I am usually not a jacket girl but I couldn't take it off once I got it on so Viola. This is the Megumi Jacket and I have it on in the White version which is more like a cream on my screen but there is also a very pretty heather version as well as a brown not to mention the other offerings there. 
I got that *POP* of colors from my shoes. OH! My shoes made me happy. These are the new release from Candydoll called Botina and they are nice chunky boots with so many colors offered. They were a little big for me right out of the box so I made them smaller with the resizer which is a bonus in my book. I have on a color option from the Summer Set but there are many other colors. Some are dark, Some light, some neutrals. When you get the chance (Which should be now) Give them a nice demo-ing and I'm sure you'll want to buy them.

I hope I got your mind churning for a shopping spree! Sunday might be lazy but fashion is forever (*Gasp* That quote might be famous one day) Mwahs & Happy Shopping! 

Love Always


♥ BODY ♥
♡ Skin: Hush Skins - Peyton in Tease (Cream Tone) New Release
♡ Shape: My Own Shape NOT FOR TRADE OR SALE
♡ Eyes: Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes in Dark Olive Shadow
♡ Hair: Elikatira - Conclusion in White 05 70 Percent Off!
♡ Hands: Slink Mesh Hands
♡ Blush: Dead Apples - Anime Blusher
♡ Eyeliner: Izzies - Geanna Eyeliner
♡ Freckles: Izzies - Geanna Freckles
♡ Teeth: PXL - OpenMouth Pro
♡ Top: CandyDoll - Fancy Lingerie in Blue Pink (Top Portion)
♡ Jacket: Mirror's Enigma - Megumi Jacket in White The Outlet
♡ Bottom: Crash Republic - Candy Jeans in Light SL Fashion Week
♡ Shoes:  CandyDoll - Botina Boots New Release
♡ Clutch: Mother Goose's - Lace Clutch "I" Gacha Prize @ SGB
♡ Necklace: Sweet Leonard - Magic Eye Necklace in Silver
♡ Ring: Sweet Leonard - My Lil Octopus Ring in Blue
♡ Ears: Mutation Industries - Notched Ears
♡ Tail: Lemon Tea - Short Hair Neko Tail

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  1. I like the metaphor :-) and besides... those jeans look totally amazing on you!!