12 April 2013

Sweeter Than a Rice Cake

Hey Dears!
I decided it was time to do a meme and I really liked the one suggested by Miss Strawberry Signh called the My 10 SL Firsts meme and decided to do it but of course I wanted to stat with a vanity shot because dude...I look super cute today and I am loving the new skin I'm wearing. So...ONTO MY FIRSTS!


First SL Friend
My first Friend was named Bea. I looked up to her SO MUCH. We hung out almost all the time she would always tell me to "toughen up" and was always trying to teach me to build (which failed but she tried) I wish I could say we still talk on Skype but no...we stopped talking years ago over something petty

First SL Kiss
His name was Inzzy,...he was hungarian and he knew the best music and best YouTube links. We used to hang out at this beach a lot and he jumped on a poseball one day and asked me to jump on it too so....I did *giggles* I sometimes wonder how he is doing

First Slex Time
No comment hehe. Let's just say I am not the one to jump on a poseball with anyone...My first SL experience was meaningful. That's all you get.

First SL Partner
My First SL Marriage lasted for about 18 months so you can say it was a little serious. In SL time we were on our 50th Anniversary.

First SL Job
Dancer. Dun judge me. It didn't work well because many places said I was too "cute" looking.
First SL Creation
I used to make tattoos but honestly they sucked so I quickly stopped

First Encounter with a Linden
I've only talked to a linden once and that was to fix my linden balance. Other than that I'm a good girl
First Encounter with a Slebrity
I think my first encounter was with my friend Kismet. She is so amazing and funny and sadly I wasn't fangirling but I wish I had because we'd have a super funny story to laugh about 

First SL Obsession
Those DARN breedables! I've had bunnies, horses, dogs, meeroos, plants. You name it I've probably raised them at least once.

Now to the clothes yes?
I was going for a sweet treats princess look and I just wanted to be sweet and yummified and I found so many goodies that made it work.

As you may have heard the Kawaii fair 2013 has opened today. I can't believe I've been blogging long enough to say this is my second year covering this event. I am pretty much COVERED in Kawaii goodness so I may not be able to talk about them all but I do have credits at the bottom and all Kawaii Fair products are labeled.

I love the corset and panties I have on. It's from a place called Beautiful Dirty Rich and this is an exclusive for the Kawaii Fair. I love the colors and the pattern as well as the corset & panties being controlled by a HUD so no inventory clutter. My only downside to this is the alpha, in some positions it peeks out or your avatar tummy peaks out. Its a fixable problem and there are many alpha packs free on marketplace so its not really a downside for the quality of the product.
I went super crazy on accessories but for reasons THEY ARE ALL SO KYOOT!. I'm wearing way too many to talk about individually but I will say all of the accessories are well made and bright and make me feel kawaii and glittery. If you go to the Kawaii Fair you can grab most of the accessories I have on. If you want my Donut ring from Yummy you DO NUT (see what I did there) go there but instead swing over to Collabor88 and take a look they also have other yummy ring goodness available for purchase at only 88L each.

I feel super bad for making you guys read instead of letting you all get to shopping like your life depends on it so everything else is just credited. I love you bunches never forget. Mwahs & Happy Shopping 

Love Always 


♥ BODY ♥
♡ Skin: Pink Fuel - Alena in Vanilla
♡ Shape: My Own Shape NOT FOR SALE OR TRADE
♡ Eyes: Crash Republic - Subtle Eyes in Green
♡ Hair: Chemistry - Bubbles in Rose w/ Blunt Bangs
♡ Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands New Release
♡ Teeth: Shine - Vampire Teeth
♡ Face Stars: Ni.Ju - Face Stars in Green Gacha Prize
♡ Nails: Flair - Nail HUD 17 New Release
♡ Blush: Dead Apples - Anime Blusher
♡ Eyeliner: Izzies - Geanna Eyeliner
♡ Lipstick: JM:Mai - Platinum Lips in Scarlet
♡ Lipgloss: Izzies - Glossy Lip Highlights
♡ Corset & Panties: Beautiful Dirty Rich - Yummy Outfit Kawaii Fair 2013
♡ Skirt: Milk - My Russian Skirt in White
♡ Socks: Honey Kitty - Thin Border Socks in Mint
♡ Shoes: Pretty Liar - Wedge Sneaker in White & Pink  Kawaii Fair 2013
♡ Glasses: Sugar Button Boutique - Super Nerd glasses in Razzle Dazzle Pink Kawaii Fair 2013
♡ Necklace 1: MishMish - Lil Fat Birdie Necklace in Pink Kawaii Fair 2013
♡ Necklace 2: EvilKyoot - Donut Necklace in Vanilla Cream Kawaii Fair 2013
♡ Ring (Left): Yummy  - Doughnut Ring Collabor88
♡ Ring (Right): Candy Nail - Tea Time Macaron Ring in Green Gacha Prize
♡ Bracelet: EvilKyoot - Donut Bracelet in Vanilla Cream Kawaii Fair 2013
♡ Cupcake on Antlers: Half Deer - Sugar Battalion in Summer
♡ Tail: Epic - Curvy Succubus Heart Tail Bowie Version
♡ Ears: Trap - Short Gelf Ears
♡ Antlers: Olive - The Oops Tree Cherry Blossom Antlers in Cream

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  1. omgoodness you have such an adorable avatar and I love your pics. Thanks so much for sharing your firsts. <3