02 April 2013

Croix By Mirror's Enigma

Hey Lovelies me again hehe
I was going through my pictures on my computer and found a set of lost skin reviews. This is from Mirror's Enigma called Croix and there will be lots more Mirror's Enigma this is just the first of lots more to come. Sit back and let the pictures blow your mind. 
As shown above the skin comes in three tones: Light, Peach, and Tan. I am a big fan of the peach so I used that so show off the face of this skin. I love the lips on this skin the lips are nice, full, and glossy which is what I look for in skins when I go skin shopping. I love how FLAWLESS my cute little nose looks and with my everyday makeup this skin looks perfect for dress up. 
Not only does it look good completely bare but when you buy this you also get eyeshadows and lipsticks and glosses to wear with it. I took a picture of all the lipstick choices and I can see myself wearing almost all of them 
Included with Every Pack:
  • Brow Choices: Ash, Black, Brown, Red, None
  • Cleavage Choices: Cleavage, Non Cleavage
  • Tangos Appliers: With & Without Cleavage options
Love Always

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