30 April 2013

New Skins By Candydoll | Layla

Hello my loves

So sorry for the long absence but as I said I had a wedding to go to and it absolutely beautiful but I hardly got any sleep from the excitement. The great thing about my family is we don't stop a celebration until the food is gone buuuut we cook like we are feeding the army so it takes awhile. The Wedding was meaningful and beautiful, The reception was amazing and entertaining, and the after party with the newly married couple was stunning! 
I logged back on to an amazingly beautiful skin by Candydoll called Layla...
   ...It has a slightly older look than what I usually go for but I loved the facial structure. Still in the twenty-something bracket but a stronger face even though I had no issues making it look a bit softer so its very versatile and can be tweaked to have any look you desire. I personally am a fan of the third tone called Caramel so I am showing the lipstick options that are available for that tone. 

In Your Purchase
* Tango Appliers
*Cleavage & Non Cleavage Versions
* Hairbase & No Hairbase Versions
*Teeth Version
 Basic Lip Pack
Summer Lips Pack
Natural Lips Pack

All of the lipstick packs are available for each tone and come in packs of 7 lip tones to wear. I really love that the makeup is a tattoo layer and not directly on the skin. The Body Detailing has improved and the skin tones have been modified and I think this is a gorgeous release.

This slightly reminds me of the look I was trying to achieve with a Glance skin. I was in search for a darker tone that I could get to look youthful and fun and I think I found a winner :D

In need of a skin? Check out Candydoll for all of her skins I'm sure you will find something you want to at least demo! Mwahs & Happy Shopping 

Love Always

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