24 July 2012

Does Thy Corset Turn Thee On?

Lol I had to try a little olde English I mean come on every blog needs it at least once right? So I was shopping with a (Rather Hawt) buddy today and he had this almost obsession over black hair and I'm so anti black most of the time, I wanted to give it a try and I have to say I'm kinda digging it.

I am looking into developing an RP character in Crack Den and I do think this may be her on going look and once I develop her story more you guys will be the second to know. So far I know she is going to be a sweet Georgia girl in the wrong area at the wrong time fleeing to Hathian to escape her wrongful fate back in her home at the same time trying to hide her accent which would be a dead givaway she isn't a local and she will try to dress the part of the woman of Hathian (name of the city in Crack Den) but as soon as she opens her mouth her blending in quickly dissapears...or something like that. Was thinking the name Avieda (Ah Vy Ed Ah) Monroe...has a ring to it.

About the outfit:

This corset? I LOVE IT this is from Gitchee. I must have recieved it a week or so ago but my inventory is a monster right now so hard to find anything. I chose the Black Double Red version but it comes in TONS more colors even rainbow which I plan to wear relatively soon. The super hot boots are from Firebird Designs. I love the leather texture and they are rigged so well so Kudos to that and more of a reason to run out and snatch them up am I right? Pairing them together really took the wow factor up a million levels. I look sexy yet dangerous....I like it

Okay my dears off to perhaps nap and come back with more RP Ideas and outfits

Til Next Time! Love you Always

P.S! The Pose on the left on the last picture is a group Gift From Morphine so if you like it join their group!

Avieda's Outfit
Skin: Al Vulo - Leilani  OLD GROUP GIFT
Shape: My Own Shape (Mesh Mod)
Eyes: Gloom - XL Merry Lenses
Hair: Truth - Lillian in Espresso
Hairbase: Truth Hairbase in Espresso
Tattoos: UtopiaH - My Emo Skulls Tattoo GRUNGE SOUL PROJECT
Nails: WTG - Galaxy
Corset: Gitchee - Corset in Black/Double Red MESH
Skirt: Motivaction - Bitch Infection Mini Skirt MESH
Panties: Insayna - Thong in Black
Boots: Firebird Designs - Leather Knee Highs MESH
Bracelet: Je Suis - Asymetrique Bangles
Earrings: Ey:No - Chained Cross Earring
Horns: Eternal Darkness - Horns of Sin
Tail: Panda Express - Tail Bits in Plain
Glasses: Shadz - I <3 Sex GRUNGE SOUL PROJECT
Posing By: Purple Poses and Morphine
Song For The Moment
Are You Gonna Be My Girl by Jet

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