23 July 2012

Dreams of a Mermaid

Heya hey its a double today

Hair Fair 2012 - Exile (Sea Of Love)

Not much to ramble about but I did want to strut this outfit around a little bit it make me sparkle so much I couldn't dream of waiting. Aza and I were talking about mermaids a few nights ago and this outfit reminds me of....a mermaid stuck on land yet knowing were she belongs kind of like me. I feel stuck in a certain RL life though I KNOW where I will one day end up. Anywhos....Enjoy the look hehe. 

Outfit is a VIP Gift from Epic 250L to Join

Posing By Purple Poses (I raided the store FYI)

P.S This will be she shortest post you'll ever get from me :p

Mermaid Beauty
Skin: Modish - CupidSis in Sunkissed KAWAII FAIR (OVER)
Shape: My Own Shape
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard - Gem Eyes in Sunset
Hair: Exile - Sea Of Love in Chardonnay  HAIR FAIR 2012
Hairbase: Kake - Balla Shape Brows
Teeth: Izzies - Teeth 3
Nail Polish: Rezlpsa Loc - Pink Champagne (Winter Pack)
Outfit: Epic - Retro Beach Bikini in Pink VIP GIFT 250L To JOIN
Feet: Gaeline Creations - Tip Toe Bare Feet
Necklace: Bewildebeest - Mucha Necklace in Gold/Pink Pearls  YOU WILL BE MISSED
Earrings: Bewildebeest - Mucha Earring in Gold/Pink Pearls
Posing By Purple Poses
Flowers Bloom By Mandalay
The reflection I see
Bears no
Resemblance to me


I look around the place I live
And wonder
How I came to choose the things I did


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