30 November 2013

A Modish Tale of Black Weekend

Hi my love loves!
Well...I spent my day shopping yesterday so I am a happy little glitter princess. I honestly spent most of my money in RL BUT I had to hit up some of the SL sales including a couple skin ones yes? So uh...do me a favor and feast your eyes upon the sexy skin I bring to you today from Modish called Xia! More pictures and details below so keep on reading!

This skin I must admit is stunning! I know it's not super new but it's on sale for the members of Skin Addiction this weekend for the 4th Annual Black Friday Weekend! It's well made and very versatile as with all of the Modish skins I have shown you. I was worried that my lips would be too big to make it look beautiful but I was wrong. I love the way it makes my face look and I love the way it looks in EVERY skin tone. I see myself sticking to Dune but I might dabble in another tone for a day or two hehe. 
  •  4 Brow Color Options
  • Lolas/Lush Skin Appliers Available
  • Slink Appliers Available
  • Phat Azz Appliers available
  • Tattoo Makeup Available 
  • Cleavage and Non Cleavage Versions
It also has an available lipstick layer that I honestly couldn't get enough of. I've always loved that each lipstick color in a pack is SUPER different with modish and I always recommend getting all lipstick packs if you have the money and today is no different especially with it being on sale this weekend
You can grab this and other awesome skins on SALE until Sunday so don't miss out definately take advantage! I hope all your shopping goodness is a thrifty one as well! Mwahs & Happy Shopping 

Love Always

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