19 June 2012

I Support Stand4Love...So Should You!

Hello My Loyal Readers:

Today I paired up with my always beautiful Succubus and we decided to enter into the Stand4love cause. I myself do not know for sure my sexual orientation but I would hate to not be able to love freely who I choose to love when I do find out.

I support Stand4love because there is no difference in the way people love each other. We all kiss and hug to show our affections. We tell the one that makes our heart skip that we love them in the same seriousness. We fall asleep in each others arms the same way. So why is one pairing wrong and the other is okay? I don't believe it is wrong for 2 consenting adults to love each other no matter what gender they are or what they look like.

Help us open more people's minds. The moving force in the world is love
Let's not discriminate against it

Love You All!
 Liliandra & Inuoko

Read here if you'd like to join in with your support

Song for the moment
Born This Way by Lady Gaga

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  1. Lovely, and i would really render thanks if you tell me where to buy those wings, because i am tired of searching for good looking ones.